Eid al Adha 2013 Date in Pakistan And Saudi Arabia

When is Eid ul Adha  2013, Eid al Azha 2013This is best place from where one can find Eid al adha 2013 in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia date. It will accept that this year date of Eid al adha 2013 in Pakistan is 16 October 2013 and most expected in Saudi Arabia this event will celebrate at date of 15 October 2013. So according to these dates it will accept that moon for this eid ul adha sighted on 6 October 2013 while in Saudi Arabia it wills a day before.

So now all Muslims are too much stimulated because on that day they apricot. They give this apricot in the remember of Hazrat Ibrahain when ALLAH called them for the scarifies of child and they called in affirmative way. Most significant thing is that a miracle is occurred and their child will restore with Lamb. After this it will necessary for all Muslims that they apricot with any animal. So it’s necessary for all Muslims that they know about the date of this memorable Islamic day.

Eid al adha in Saudi Arabia: 15 October 2013

Eid al adha in Pakistan: 16 October 2013

This month had lot of importance for all Muslims because in Saudi Arabia they perform hajj in this Holly month. Every year billions of Muslims from whole over the world come in Saudi Arabia & offer this most important fareza that known as hajj. On the day of Eid al adha all Mulims give apricot & keep in mind the most memorable day in Islamic history. Moving towards Pakistan then it is pure Islamic country in world.

Thousands of Muslims from Pakistan also go in SaudiArabia while remaining give apricot in Pakistan. This year Eid al adha will celebrate in Pakistan at date of 6 October while in Pakistan it will come at five October 2013.