Facebook introduced 10 new features for all

Facebook 10 new features introduced:

On the demand of the most users the facebook team have introduced latest 10 new features for all the facebook users. Some features were already well know but they were closed but not they are re activated for all the facebook lovers. Find here the list of most demanded and new features that facebook revealed now. Get Facebook new features you may not have seen ever.

Facebook new features you may not have seen ever

Live video streaming :

Facebook recently announced the launch live video streaming feature popular with celebrities and leaders to share live video on Facebook can reach 1.5 billion consumers.

Introducing Mansion app for user authentication :

 This app introduces users to share any your photos or special words can verify this account before you download the app before using ludkrny and an online user Form has to.

Notice reboot option :

Facebook users through this app I like not only can make your notes, but the top is set upon a photograph. This app lets the user image in your notes, that can include headers and lists. Facebook administration says that the Facebook app more beautiful and attractive to the user’s notice so that people write notes and any friends larger, smaller or larger groups to share with.

360 Degree Video:

This app lets the user to any video you will see on the screen 360 degrees and the Facebook app for the aukuls and features developed with the help of VR.

Profile picture space Video Apply:

 Now Facebook has facilitated its users the profile picture of the place, the user can set his short video for a short time as no one could figure image Profile Picture After a certain time, which will change the old image. The temporary profile picture can be a special occasion such as a birthday or 2 days after the raid will end and seeing the old profile picture will return. Users say that this feature is not working in Pakistan.

Unwanted (Unlike) buttons:

After Facebook users liked or unwanted disinfection button option to meet the demand, but will not be able to direct you liked Disorder but instead aymujyz been introduced to reflect emotions such as love, Ha ha, Whoa, sad and angry.

Video search facility:

 Facebook users more convenience to your search video similar to the list of other video which introduced the app lets users search the video once on your news feed What will happen to the other videos will come forward. Facebook says the app is now being introduced on a trial basis.

Instant News on Facebook:

Facebook user says thanks to this app on your mobile phone up to 10 times faster than any news that could load the maps, pictures to zoom, auto play video and audio captions facility It is also involved in.