Samsung Galaxy S2 Unexpected to Check Android 4.2 Update

We know that Samsung had some matters with Android 4.2, which would interpret why they have determined to can the revise for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 and jump exactly to Android 4.3 rather than. There had been gossip that the S2 would see 4.3 as well – I know that my vintage S2 ran Android 4.3 like a dream – but these appear to have been quashed.

Images OF Samsung Galaxy S2While this news conspicuously concerns to the Telstra Galaxy S2 4G, it almost absolutely sways all other forms as well, significance the update users are on currently is the last the telephone will ever glimpse. Those who want to move past Android 4.1 and up on newer tastes of Jelly Bean will want to start looking to the made-to-order ROM community for help – I had been running CyanogenMod 10.2 on mine easily for a long time.

The Samsung Galaxy S2, arguably the telephone that begun Samsung’s hugely very quick rise to the top, was only updated to Android 4.1 earlier this year in the US.

However, it examines as though that’s as far as the phone will ever get, if new information from Australian carrier Telstra are anything to go by. According to the carrier, Samsung has confirmed with them that they are not designing any more

Android - Android 4.3, Jelly Bean

 updates for the Galaxy S2 4G. This seems to align with gossip earlier in the year that Samsung had canned the Android 4.2 revise for the tele phone, regardless of the fact that the EU S2+ has already glimpsed 4.2. Bleak news for those left on the Samsung Galaxy S2, regrettably.

I would head over to XDA and glimpse what the made-to-order ROM devs can offer you – don’t let your telephone be held back by lack of official support. Let us know what you make of this news from Telstra! The Samsung Galaxy S2 wasn’t mentioned in last month’s update broadcast from Samsung, when the business explained their road map for revisions going ahead. Many telephones were considered and most were skipping to Android 4.3, but the S2 wasn’t one of them.