We cannot Trust US on drones Attack Issue: Chaudhry Nisar Ali

Pakistan’s Interior┬áMinister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Friday said US promises over the drone attacks topic could not be trusted, a newspapers report said.US , drone Attack , Chaudhry Nisar Ali,Latest news, US Drone attack in Pakistan,

Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan major Minister Nawaz Sharif’s advisor on foreign activities and nationwide security, Wednesday said in a briefing to a council managing group that the US had assured Pakistan that it would not launch any drone strikes throughout the calm talks between the Pakistan government and the Taliban.

But barely a day after Aziz’s statement, US drones fired missiles at a seminary in Pakistan’s northwest Hangu district Thursday morning, in which at smallest six persons were slain.

Iftikhar Ahmad, locality policeman agent of Hangu said a religious school, Madrassa Dar-ul-Uloom, was aimed at by the US drones, and those killed include four scholars and two Islamic scholars who were believed to be affiliated with the Haqqani mesh.

He said that the slain scholars include Mufti Hameed Ullah and Mufti Ahmad Jan who had very good relatives with the Haqqani mesh.

Nisar said he was dumbfounded on how Sartaj Aziz believed the US assurance over drone hits, according to a report in the report International.

“Actions have made it clear that the US neither wants peace in Pakistan neither converses with the Taliban,” the report cited Nisar as saying.

Thursday’s strike was the first in the country after the Nov 1 drone strike that killed Taliban chief Hakimulla Mehsud.

The Nov 1 attack seriously influenced the efforts of calm talks between the Taliban and the Pakistan government.