Apple’s New iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 may launch in November 2013

Just months after issuing the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple has commenced its 5th lifetime iPad named iPad Air, also with iPad Mini 2 with Retina display.iPad mini 2 may be delayed until next year by stock shortages

iPad Air is a 20 per hundred narrower type of its predecessor with under 0.3 cm width. It offers a 43 per hundred narrower bezel when held in portrait mode. Apart from trimming the dimensions Apple has furthermore made it lighter so its weighs just 1 bash compared to 1.4 of the preceding type.

The specifications are more or less in harmony with iPad 4. iPad Air arrives with an A7 portion which has also been used in iPhone 5s. With little or no supplement to the programs, iPad Air is all about its weight and size, as the name suggests it is ‘as light as a feather’.

The pricing scheme continues the same for the new iPad, proposing a 16GB type at $499 with Wifi and $629 with 4G LTE, and as habitually, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of storage are cost with an increase of $100 on each type. iPad Air will be available for buy on November 1.


Another stimulating gadget made its debut at the launch of iPad Air, called the iPad mini2 with Retina display. 

Bragging a 7.9 inch screen it includes the identical 2048 by 1546 tenacity like its bigger siblings. This type comes with A7 chip which has become the upgraded processor portion for Apple’s imminent forms. The Retina display adds on a bit of heaviness that makes iPad mini2 0.73 pounds heavier than the preceding type.

numerous expected that apple would launch a keyboard cover for the iPad in competition to Microsoft’s exterior tablets. But this was not the case and the only new covers from Apple were upgrades of the living intelligent Cover, cost at $39 for polyurethane and $69 to $79 for cowhide, depending on iPad dimensions. 

Also those expecting Touch ID fingerprint sensor to one or both of the new iPads were left let down as those rumors didn’t turn to truth.

As habitually, apple has kept its promise to hold its goods living and new for its users, but with not anything new being supplemented to the profile after iPhone 5s, it seems Apple has gone back to trimming down its products as habitually. 

This time around Apple desires to watch out as Nexus 5 will also make an appearance on November 1st ; the designated day set for the sale of iPad Air. As October rolls out users apprehensively delay for the new gadgets to proceed on sale and for now it looks like anyone’s game.