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Beautiful Urdu Quotes by Sikandar-e-Aazam

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Impressive Beautiful Quotes – meaningful quotes in Urdu by Sikandar-e-Aazam. Best Alexander the Great Quotes in Urdu (Sikandar E Azam) read online.

The Persian name Sikandar is a variant of Iskandar and means ‘defender’ or ‘warrior’. The Persians called the Greek emperor Alexander the Great Sikandar. This name was coined after his conquest of Persia, but it has also been used for post-Islamic people and places.

Sikandar-e-Aazam ki Mulaqaat ek Jang K Doran ek Faqeer Se Huwi.


Ye Jang Jeetne k Baad Aap keya karo gay ?


Aik AUR Jang laroon ga.


Us k Baad ?


Phir aik Jang Aur laroon ga.


Aap poori dunya fatah kar lo

us k baad ?


Pihr Aaram se Zindagi guzaroon Ga.


Wo To Men Bina Jang larey b Guzaar Raha Hoon.

Bas ek Jang lari Jo ma jeet chuka hon.

wo jang”Apne NAFS” se thi.”

“Zara sochy”


Once sikandar-e-azam & Arastu (his teacher) were going together.There was a deep river in way.

Arastu decided to cross 1st & said:

“It’s not important that Arastu will die, but it’s so important that Sikandar will survive.”

Bcoz Sikandar is ‘THE NEED’ of this world.

Sikandar laughed, moved ahead & said:

“It’s so important that Arastu will survive, bcoz Sikandar can’t make Arastu, but Arastu can make many Sikandars.

Dedicated to all Teachers..!

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