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Best Poetry Sms messages, greetings, quotes & wishessaw straight into my soul

You Kissed My Lips And 

I Felt A Flutter In My Heart. 

You Touched My Hand And 

Lit A Spark In My Body. 

You Stared Into My Eyes And 

Saw Straight Into My Soul. 

You Put Your Arms Around Me 

And I Was Finally Complete

<<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>> <<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>>

i am still standing on same spot

I Am Still Standing On Same Spot, 
Where You Left My Heart To Rot, 
At First I Thought I’d Make It Through, 
But, Seems Like I Can’t Stop Loving You, 
It Is Getting Very Hard To Be Strong, 
Coz I Have Been Missing You Since Long, 
And Now I Don’t Have Anymore Tears To Cry, 
Still My Heart’s Can’t Seem To Say Goodbye..!!

<<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>> <<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>>


i wanna dedicate to all my readers who are in love

I Wanna Dedicate This Poem 
To All My Readers Who Are In Love 🙂 


Right Now I Am Sitting In A Crowd 
But Your Name Makes Me Feel Proud 
You Aren’t With Me Right Now 
But Your Words Are Enough To Cool Me Down 
Even In This Crowd ,I Am Thinking Of You.. 
Because All I Want Is, You. 
Distance Doesn’t Matter To Me Now 
I Wish I Could Prove My Love Somehow.. 
You Have No Idea, How Much Crazy I Am, For You 
The One Who Increases My Heart Beat Is, Only You.. 
You Are Flawless.. 
You Are All I Need 
You Mean A Lot To Me And That’s How I Will Let It Be 
I Wish I Will Be Like This Forever 
Breathing Every Second For You,Will Be My Honor

<<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>> <<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>>


sees only good things in me

I Don’t Need Someone Who 
“Sees Only Good Things In Me…” 


I Do Need Someone Who 
“Knows About The Bad Things 
In Me N Still Wanna Spend 
Her Life With Me…..” ♥♥

<<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>> <<<<>>>>>> ||||| <<<<>>>>>>


i want you to hug me when i get

I Want You To Hug Me When I Get 
I Want You To Kiss Me When I Act 
Like A Kid. 
I Want You To Care For Me When 
I’m Sick. 
I Want You To Listen To Me When 
I Wanna Say Something. 
I Want You To Understand My Silence When 
I Don’t Have Words To Express What I Feel. 
I Want You To Be There When 
I Need A Friend. 
I Want You To Love Me For What 
And Above All 
I Want You To Complete Me. . .♥


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