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Biometric SIM verification system Starting from 1st Aug 2014

Now through a simple process, you will be able to procure your ‪‎Warid‬ SIM in a timely and convenient manner. Now in all over Pakistan the all network sims will be sold from Bio metric system verification.

WARID always all around you by tailoring our services believe in providing the best user experience. WARID’s  superior quality communication, seamless data coverage, information and entertainment to education to the various VAS services to ensure all your telecommunications needs are met.decided to apply.

 biometric sim verification system from 1st August 2014

Through a simple process, outlined below, in a timely and convenient way to purchase your Warid SIM will be able to:


With his original CNIC at any Warid customer service centers, or retail outlet’s franchise.

Customer Service Representative / Franchise Representative / retailer will check already issued CNIC for Sim. 5 SIM issued at CNIC are already concerned, so that no further action can be taken. (CNIC submitted for client connection count wise operator will return the number 668 13 digit CNIC by sending his / her CNIC can check against the registered SIM).

Your thumb impression (and / or both left and right hand index finger and thumb) then through NADRA, will be verified by the system.

Once verified, the new, pre-activated SIM Warid handed, and at the same time a confirmation SMS is sent to the new number.

In the case of failed validation, you will be informed about the reasons of the sales agent.

Please note that after July 31, 2014, will be accelerated and the Sim will only be registered through biometric verification SIM activation by dialing 789. The process to keep in mind your privacy and security has been put in place.

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