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Federal Government Employee salaries in Budget 2016 -2017

Punjab Pay Increase In "Budget" 2016 To 2017 Govt. Employee Salary Detail Chart

The complete detail of Federal Government Employee salaries in Budget 2016 -2017 is here.

The Budget 2016  2017- Ministry for FinanceGovt Employees' Salaries Increase in Budget 2016-2017Government Employees New Revised Pay Scale 2016


The federal government next year salaries of civil servants in Budget 2016 \ 17 decided to increase 10 to 20 percent, came new taxes Rs.3000 billion on the F has decided to impose federal budget Approximate amount of Rs 44 billion will present the 2016/17 Minister of Finance Jun 3, budget outlay of Rs 900 billion budget is proposed to be up to 850 billion, fiscal target of tax receipts for the year were also proposed to be set at 3600 billion .The salaries of civil servants in the budget preparation of the federal budget has been completed for the next fiscal year, according to the finance sources and pension suggested 10 to 20 percent of which approximately 50arb Rs additional costs will be 850 billion for the next fiscal year for sources is likely to be around Rs 900 billion for defense budget of Rs 770 billion for the current fiscal year.

Development costs in the budget is proposed to be around Rs and Rs 700 billion for development expenses this fiscal goals for the fiscal year 2016 / tax receipts for 17 sources was Rs 3600 billion has been kept at the current fiscal year target of tax receipts 3104 billion according to which the tax receipts at Rs 23 billion over 10 months means government IMF also decided to further tax of Rs 300 billion on the F sources start to the business community conducted a tax amnesty the scheme failure of major decided to cornered.

The big traders FBI claims the intelligence wing of the instructions of the government are being issued notices to tax payers according to senior government officials who in general, judges economical fiscal year 2016/17 budget decision to maintain discounted exception included Ambassador and bureaucrats abroad has also been the will be announced over 110 billion SROs sources growth target of GDP, while it is proposed to set up 6 percent GDP rate of 5.5% for the current fiscal year, however, the government reached 4.3% of GDP according to the new investors for budget I have also taken measures to increase incentives have also decided to give the automotive sector is expected to receive discounts pharmaceutical products.

Agricultural machinery upcoming exports to the budget and achieve the Export development Fund earmarked Rs 600 billion, which will be held under various road shows to promote Pakistani products in different countries of the world.

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