Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Cement Prices Today

Latest cement price in pakistan Today of all Brands

This post is about the latest Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 today for the top famous Pakistan Cement manufacturing brands that are widely used in various areas of all provinces and cities. Cement is one of the most used construction materials, used for a wide range of structure such as building homes, roads, canal bridges, and other high-quality buildings. As Pakistan is a developing country, and it has a rapidly growing construction industry, so cement is in high demand.

The price of cement in Pakistan, which may vary depending on a variety of things, is one of the primary elements affecting the building sector. In this article, we will show an overview of the current Cement Price in Pakistan 2023, including the most recent trends, price-influencing factors, and future forecasts.

Current Cement Price in Pakistan

The current cement price in Pakistan varies depending on several factors, including the brand, quality, and location. As of today, the cement price in Pakistan today ranges from PKR 1050 to PKR 1280 per bag (50 kg), depending on the brand and quality. Some of the popular cement brands in Pakistan include Bestway, D.G. Khan, Lucky, Maple Leaf, and Fauji Cement.

Bestway Cement Price in Pakistan Today

Bestway Cement is a renowned cement factory in Pakistan, noted for producing high-quality cement. Bestway Cement costs between PKR 1100 and PKR 1110 per bag (50 kg) in Pakistan nowadays, depending on location and quality.


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Factors Affecting Cement Price in Pakistan

Several factors affect the today cement price in Pakistan today, including the following:


  • Supply and demand:

Because of the thriving building sector in Pakistan, there is a huge need for cement. Yet, various factors such as manufacturing capacity, raw material availability, and transportation can all have an impact on cement supply.


  • Government policies:

Via rules and regulations, the government of Pakistan plays a critical role in controlling the cement sector. Changes in taxes, charges, and tariffs can impact manufacturing costs and, as a result, cement prices.


  • International market trends:

Pakistan is a net cement importer, and foreign market patterns might influence cement prices in the country. Cement Prices changes in raw materials such as coal and gypsum can impact the cost of manufacturing and, as a result, the price of cement. As a result of the three reasons mentioned above, the cement price in Pakistan today will change.


Check Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 Today Below

Brand Price of 50/KG Bag
Cherat Cement Rs. 1,095-1,100
DG Cement Rs. 1105-1,130
Maple Leaf White Cement (40KG) Rs. 1,850-1,860
Power Cement Rs. 1,120-1,130
Maple Leaf Cement Rs. 1,110-1,140
Bestway Cement Rs. 1,100-1,110
Lucky Cement Rs. 1,100-1,120
Pioneer Cement Pakistan Rs. 1,095-1,110
PakCem Cement Rs. 1,095-1,110
Kohat Cement Rs. 1,095-1,115
Fauji Cement Rs. 1,095-1,110
Attock Cement Rs. 1,095-1,100
Flying Cement Rs. 1,080-1,090

Future Predictions for Cement Prices in Pakistan

The usage of Cement is rising day by day in Pakistan, so in the future, the consumption of Cement will surely increase all over Pakistan. However, several factors can affect the future price of cement in the country and also
today cement price in Pakistan 2023, including the following:

  • Economic conditions: The economic situation in Pakistan might have an effect on the building construction sector and, as a result, cement consumption. Economic development, inflation, and currency exchange rates can all have an impact on cement prices.
  • Political stability: Political instability can affect the investment climate in Pakistan and, consequently, the construction industry. Changes in government policies and regulations can also affect the price of cement.
  • Technological advancements: Technical developments in the cement business can enhance production efficiency and minimize costs, thereby lowering cement prices in the future.


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List of Top Famous Cement Companies/ Brands in Pakistan:

Here is an updated table of all the major cement brands in Pakistan, including their parent company and location:


Brand Name Parent Company Location
Bestway Cement Bestway Group Islamabad
D.G. Khan Cement D.G. Khan Cement Company Dera Ghazi Khan
Lucky Cement Lucky Cement Limited Karachi
Maple Leaf Cement Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group Lahore
Fauji Cement Fauji Cement Company Limited Rawalpindi
Power Cement Arif Habib Group Karachi
Cherat Cement Cherat Cement Company Limited Nowshera
Attock Cement Attock Cement Pakistan Limited Karachi
Pioneer Cement Pioneer Cement Limited Lahore
Thatta Cement Thatta Cement Company Limited Thatta
Kohat Cement Kohat Cement Company Limited Kohat
Flying Cement Flying Cement Company Limited Lahore
Zeal Pak Cement Zeal Pak Cement Factory Limited Hyderabad
Gharibwal Cement Gharibwal Cement Limited Lahore
Javedan Cement Javedan Cement Company Limited Karachi
Dadabhoy Cement Dadabhoy Cement Industries Limited Karachi


The cement price in Pakistan is an important factor for the construction industry, affecting the cost of building homes, roads, and other infrastructure. The current cement price in Pakistan today ranges from PKR 1080 to PKR 1180 per bag of 50 kg, depending on the brand and quality.

Cement prices in Pakistan are affected by a number of variables, including supply and demand, government regulations, and worldwide market movements. The price of cement in Pakistan in the future will be updated by a variety of factors, including the economic situation, political problems, and technical improvements. We are updating
today cement price in Pakistan 2023 from time to time, So keep vising mobiledady to find the latest cement price in Pakistan today.