Friday , January 27 2023

Download Windows 8.1 is Now available to Install

Windows 8.1 Lastest  update is available as a download free for Windows 8 usersWindows 8.1 now available to download

Windows 8.1is Now available

Microsoft (October 17th, 2013): The Microsoft starts roll out the big map Windows 8.1. And compensate now, the infinitesimal this post first went live, is 7AM ET, the demand minute the OS update will start coming along in the Windows Store as a free download. Don’t have a Windows 8 device? You can still install 8.1 on a Win 7 appliance; you just won’t get the revise for free.

For folks utilizing Windows 7, you’ll pay the same cost Microsoft was currently ascribing for Windows 8: $120 for the benchmark type, and $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro. Additionally, Microsoft will also be selling so-called full-version software, permitting you to establish the OS on a machine that isn’t currently running Windows. At any rate, if you’ve currently got a Windows 8 device in hand, we suggest you strike up the source connection underneath to take advantage of the free download.

Or, if you’re a weirdo, you can also purchase a boxed exact replicate in a Windows retail store. We won’t referee. Either way, you’re going to want to revisit our epic preview shattering down everything you need to understand about the new features and apps that arrive with 8.1.

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