Friday , March 31 2023

Free EVO USB for all DSL Broadband Customers

PTCL offers free EVO USB for all DSL broadband users

Now use Free EVO USB for all DSL Broadband customers all over the Pakistan:

Now all PTCL Broadband customers can get an EVO 3.1 Mbps USB Absolutely Free by paying additional just Rs.500/month.

Free EVO USB Offer:

“Now all PTCL Broadband customers can get an EVO 3.1Mbps USB Absolutely Free by paying additional just Rs.500/month!”

Free EVO USB Offer Details

Adding together more value to our PTCL family experience; a joint promotion has been planned for all our PTCL BB endorsers offering an on-the-go internet back-up for all those clock time when DSL goes offline. With this promotion all existing & new PTCL DSL subscribers shall be given an option to get a Free EVO 3.1Mbps USB and pay just Rs.500/month for EVO internet usage.  Incentives provided to the consumer are as listed below: 

  • First incentive is the Free Evo 3.1 USB.
  • Second Incentive in the form of an economical Rs. 500 monthly EVO package

Under this promotion EVO Rev.A (3.1 Mbps) USB with PSTN/PTCL landline package will be offered to broadband customers at attractive rates as a backup connection. The promotion will create value for the customer by providing flexibility of use at multiple locations, with a special 10 GB discounted package charging only Rs. 500 per month.

EVO Package Being Offered:

Package Name Device Price Monthly Line-Rent Volume Validity Billing Mode
EVO DSL Bundle (Rev.A 3.1 USB) Free of Cost         Rs. 500 10 GB 1 Month Postpaid (PSTN)

 Key Highlights:

  1. Freedom to stay connected 24/7 for DSL subscribers at nominal monthly charges
  2. EVO 3.1Mbps USB device Absolutely free.
  3. Monthly EVO service charges of Rs.500 payable with PSTN bill.
  4. Package can be availed with any DSL package as per customer requirement.
  5. All new DSL modems now available with an in-built EVO port
  6. Pakistan’s fastest growing coverage network covering 90% of the country’s population.
  7. Mobile broadband internet that keeps you connected wherever you go
  8. Seamless EVDO roaming inside the 250+ EVO coverage areas with auto switch over to lower speeds in the non-EVDO coverage areas.

Business Rules:

  1. The promotion can be availed by any existing or new PTCL Broadband Customer.
  2. Offer is valid for DSL subscribers only.
  3. Package can be availed with any DSL package as per customer requirement.
  4. Billing Mode will be Postpaid (PSTN Billing Only), to be billed alongside DSL in customer’s landline bill.
  5. Rs 1,000 will be charged in case of disconnection of Evo Package on customer request before lapse of 12 months since purchase.
  6. Disconnection of Package after a period of 12 months at the request of the customer will not be charged.
  7. EVO connection will be disconnected if the PSTN connection is terminated.
  8. EVO Service can be availed through any PTCL OSS. For DSL, orders can be booked through PTCL order line i.e 0800-8-0800

 Service Availability:

Walk-in at any PTCL One Stop Shop


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