Friday , January 27 2023

Google Chrome Imparts Parental Controls to Browser

California (24th, Oct 2013): Google brought in controls to its Chrome web browser that allow parents to monitor and control the browsing behavior of their children.  Google Chrome Imparts Parental Controls to Browser

The new feature, named “supervised users”, allows “managers” to set up profiles of the people they want to monitor. Managers can view the supervised users’ browsing history, block specific sites, and approve access requests. The feature is available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

It is too available to Chromebook users. But Google says the default setting is to allow a newly created supervised user to view all websites – managers have to define what sites they want to block. Safe search is activated automatically for supervised users, preventing most adult content from appearing in Google search results.

The move comes after growing concerns over inappropriate content children can be exposed to online. Other browsers, including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, offer content controls that can be set by an administrator. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system enables users to set up a “Kid’s Corner” section on the phone that only allows access to specified games, music, videos and apps.

Source: BBC

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