2021 Public Holidays in Pakistan

Public Holidays in Pakistan are known best for people who works all around the country and want some time to have with their family. The time of leaves, a day off, winter summer vacation for any their holiday is known to have enjoyed with family or do something that is very necessary for life those days. You will see all Pakistan holidays 2021 that are officially announced by Interior Ministry of Pakistan. These national holidays in Pakistan are always observed each year accordingly, except a few ones like Allama Iqbal Birthday. 

Most of the days announce all the same in next year but the Ministry of the interior (Wazarat-e-Dakhala) has some direct or indirect notification to have done the weekend for the public. This is dependable on Government announcements. The eid ul Adha and Eid ul fiter are the most important day’s everyone loves to find the date and time of the day as everyone will be awarded leaves and holiday free to home. 

The most know weekend or leaves that come must in the year are, eid ul fitr,  eid ul azha, Ashoora in Muharram ul Haram, 23th March, 14th August Independence day a Quaid e Azam birthday that comes on the Christmas day. The Table of Public Holidays in Pakistan 2021 and 2021 is here in this table. Find and joy this season. The holidays in Pakistan will be observed for all departments except, the forces. 

The Eid ul fitr 2021 will be observed from 14 May to 16th May 2021 to the Moon sighting. The 12 rabi ul Awal 2021 (Jashne Eid Meeland ul nabi PBUH) will be on 19 October 2021 , which will be observed according to the moon. The current Government has issued special notifications to celebrated Eid Meelad ul Nabi (SAWW) with great concern, in all over Pakistan.

All Public Holidays in Pakistan Year 2021

Public Holidays in Pakistan All Public Holidays in Pakistan

Date Day Holiday
5 Feb 2021 Fri Kashmir Day
23 Mar 2021 Tue Pakistan Day
5 Apr 2021 Mon Easter Monday *
1 May 2021 Sat Labour Day
14 May 2021 Fri Eid ul-Fitr
15 May 2021 Sat Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
16 May 2021 Sun Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
21 Jul 2021 Wed Eid ul-Azha
22 Jul 2021 Thu Eid ul-Azha Holiday
23 Jul 2021 Fri Eid ul-Azha Holiday
14 Aug 2021 Sat Independence Day
18 Aug 2021 Wed Ashura
19 Aug 2021 Thu Ashura
19 Oct 2021 Tue Milad un-Nabi
25 Dec 2021 Sat Christmas Day *
25 Dec 2021 Sat Quiad-e-Azam Day
26 Dec 2021 Sun Day after Christmas *