Friday , January 27 2023

How to Increase Facebook friend with Genuine Method

How to Increase Facebook friend with Genuine Method

 how to increase facebook friends

Each blogger and a normal user wish to get great Facebook friend quantity in a very low time. I think this is not right way. When I was owning only 50 friend but genuine they best were best for me and now I have more than 3 thousand friends but they are  useless. As they we some fake and not relating to my country and language.

Here I am going to share a simple and best solution of how to get thousand of friends with genuine trick.

First of all go to google news and get you country relating news.

Then find the highest attention getting news.

Write the heading of this news and convert it in your own language that you country uses.

Then tag them to some your active friends. And share on some other profiles page with the link in description. The news should be latest and interesting.

So by doing this for a week and some more day your post will be sharing by many other friends and you friends quantity will increase slowly that will be great better if you have a fake friends that does not open their account in a month.

Facebook allows only  5000 friends only so only make friends that are mostly active and in you country that may understand you language and does not feel hesitation to contact you.

This will give you a best way to share you feelings will alive people. So if you like this post then please comment in comment section.