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I Love You SMS Messages Latest Collection

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Latest I Love You SMS Messages Collection

I love you daily
I love you freely
I love you purely
I love you passionately
I love you madly
I love you ideally
I love you rightly
I love you too much
And waiting for you sadly…..
Do U love me…………..


Every failure is a lesson well-learned,
Every Success is a battle well-fought,
& True Luv is a jewel well-kept, in one’s heart.


D fastest way 2 receive LOVE
is to give LOVE,
D fastest way 2 lose LOVE
is 2 hold it too tightly,
& D best way 2 keep LOVE
is 2 give it wings


As D rainbow has no end in sight,
When we look towards the sky …
I’ll love you like there’s no tomorrow,
My love will never die


Loving you

Means that I give you my heart

My love, my whole self;

You’ll always come first

Before anything else

Loving you

Means that I give you my faith

My trust, my confidence;

I promise to always be trueTo be loyal, to be honest

Loving you

Means you’re a part of my life,

My dreams, my future;

You are a part of me

Now and forever



I love you.khna bhut aashan hai.or dil tod dena use v aashan hai.
par-mere yaaro shach bol rha dard ko sahna bhut muskil hota yah bhagman se hath jor kar prathna krta koe kisi ka dil na todna.kiyuki uska jivan mot se batar ho jata hai……..
I miss you.And I love you.


Its difficult to hide now
more difficult to show
I love you more than anything else
how to let you know
may be these words are not enough
but to say in-front of you, is too tough
I love you


D smallest word is I,
the sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person
in the world is U.
That, why I LOVE YOU.

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