Saturday , February 4 2023

iPad Air by Apple Comparison with Surface Pro 2

Microsoft & Apple have refreshed latest tablet lineups for Christmas. Microsoft tried to steal a march on Apple by launching Surface Pro 2 and the give a new image Surface RT, now called Surface 2. iPad Air by Apple

Apple’s iPad Air is almost 7.5mm thick, weighs about 478g, ARM based dual core Cortex based A7 chip from the iPhone 5S. 

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 runs the Intel’s multi core i5, Haswell chip is almost 1.3cm thick and weighs about 2lb. Surface 2 runs the quad core Cortex based NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip, is 676g and 8.89mm thick.


But the Performance will be the biggest change in Surface Pro and Surface, Windows senior product manager Robert Epstein told The Reg on Tuesday.Microsoft Surface Pro 2

He claimed Pro now offers up to 10 hours battery life and the ability to multi-task, switching between Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel.

Epstein reckoned Microsoft’s learned its lesson since the great disaster of the Christmas 2012 shopping quarter, when Microsoft sold just 722,000 Surface RTs with 1.6 million Windows-based tabs right after launch giving 3.4 per cent market share.

“We’ve made big strides on the device,” Epstein said. “Surface 2 has four times the performance of the first Surface, the screen his high quality, the version of Windows is 8.1 and we listened to consumer feedback to make that a better experience, and the number of apps is growing through the [Microsoft] store.”

Asked why things went wrong, Epstein said: “There’s no silver bullet answer, devices and services is an exciting adventure for us, and you have to get a lot of parts right.”

Twelve months on, the metric for success is simple – and raw. Success equals greater market share.

“We are out to get as much market share as we can grab,” Epstein said. “We are looking for the right positioning on our products.”

Microsoft, though, has already lost to Apple on the specs: its tablets are heavier with the Pro qualifying as something for a category of user that laptop makers in the 1990s called “road warriors.” Epstein reckons Pro is for somebody who wants “it all” – to crunch data or edit video on the road and then quick back and watch a film. He reckoned it’s for somebody in the Apple world who’d have bought a MacBook Pro.

It might be lighter than a MacBook pro but lugging a Surface Pro across England, vouch for the fact it’s heavier than any slab machine I’ve handled. The iPad Air here, weight of the Surface Pro underscores how lightness is a major factor for considering in a tablet.

However it’s heavier, the Pro is actually the strongest asset in Microsoft’s tablet stable.

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