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Latest Sardi SMS Funny Message | winter SMS Poetry

Funny Hindi Winter Season SMS Sardi

The Winter season is full to its peak and each one is enjoying the full Sardi season with hot tea, coffee, and dry fruits. Some people like the summer season and some winter season. But my own choice is Winter Sardi season sms.

Funny Poetry In Urdu and Sardi Jokes in urdu

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Funny Winter Quotes on Social Media

I love winter. I love the snow, and I love making snowmen, and I even like that it’s a little cold sometimes. When you live in a place where it snows all the time, you can’t help but be a little bit excited about winter every year.

But if there’s one thing that really bugs me about this season, it’s those guys who greet me with “Hey! It’s going to be cold today!” every morning when I’m walking to work in my winter coat and my warmest scarf.

I don’t know what they’re expecting in return for their cheerful greeting–a high five? A high ten? A hug?

However, many people will argue that while the argument is logical, they’re often wrong because it never seems to work out that way.

Funny Winter Greetings Ideas

As we can see, people can find a lot of beautiful and creative Christmas greetings cards on the Internet. However, there is not much variety for winter greetings cards.

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Funny Text Messages for a Loved One

Texting is the most popular form of communication in our world now. You can use it to express your feelings.

So why not make your text messages a little more special for your loved one? Here is a list of funny love text messages for him and her that will help you win their heart.

Texting is a really important form of communication in our world now. You can use it to express how you feel about someone, whether you’re trying to woo them, or just be friends with them. So why not try texting them with some sweet and romantic texts? If they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend, here’s a list of funny love texts for him or her that’ll help you win their heart!

Send Free Funny Hindi SMS Sardi Messages 2023 Collection 

Ek Sawal:

Baap Ne Apni Beti ko Gift de Kar bola k

Bhook Lagy to kha Lena,

Pyas lagy to P Lena,

Aur sardi lagy to Aag laga Dena!

Batao wo kon See Cheez hai?



DIL Ki Dharkanen RUK C Gai Hain


Pucha DIL K Doctor Se HUMNE


sardi Ki Wajah Se JAM C Gai Hain.


Us Se Kehna K Aaj Main Bohat Khush Hon Faraz…









Pichli sardiyon Ki Jacket Nikaali To Jaib Se 100 Rupay Nikle. 🙂


Sardi Ki Dhoop Main, Gun Gun, Man Mera Gaaye
Ajj Aa Ja Sanam Kahin Se, Bahon Mai Lo Mujhe Chupaye
Madhoshi Is Sard Dhoop Main, Man Main Agan Lagaye
Aise Main Aa Ja Sanam, Dil Ko Kahin Chain Na Aaye
Meethi Meethi Ninia Main, Dhadkan Behaki Jaaye
De Kar Sanso Ki Apni Garmi, Le Mohe Ajj Bachaye
Adh-Khule In Naino Main, Ek Teri Tasveer Hu Sajaye
Aa Kar Kar De Poori Mujhko, Adhurepan Main, Man Ghabraye
Sardi Ki Dhoop Main, Gun Gun, Man Mera Gaaye
Ajj Ja Sanam Kahin Se, Bahon Mai Lo Mujhe Chupaye

ksi ko pa k kho dena
ksi k sath to chalna mgr uska na ho pana
khudi ko kosty rehna mgr usko na kuch kehna
khudi gi
a, sambhalna,
hansna,or ro dena,
khizaan ki sakht sardi main
Hijar ki lambi raaton me ksi ki yaad me rona,
ksi ko sochte sochte apni ankhen bnd KRNA.
Or andheron me chlay jana
naye rishton me rang jana


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