LG, Samsung Curved Screen TVs Sale begins in USA

New York (USA) – Tuesday, July 23th, 2013 – Now days of flat screens TV can be numbered. Because Korean electronics manufacturing firms have started sale of curves screen TVs in United States of America.Samsung ships $15K curved OLED TV to US this week

Flat Screen TVs
Flat screen TV has convex style.

Curved Screen TVs
Curved screen TV has concave style. These screens are not flat as used in old cathode ray tube TVs. In this screen middle portion bends away from the TV viewer.

Price of Curved Screen TVs
LG and Samsung has set the prices for both TVs 15000$ US each.

Curved Screen TVs Sale Points
For LG TV in Best Buy Stores and for Samsung TV specialty stores.

Cured Screen TV Technology
Curved TV sets are made possible by a technological breakthrough the picture is formed by a thin, bendable layer of organic light-emitting diodes (LEDs). OLED screens are common in high-end smartphones, but larger sizes are difficult to make, accounting for the high price of the new sets.