Logitech K800 – Best Quiet Keyboard for Office

Logitech has taken over its previous Illuminated, has added a removable USB cable (once connected, it recharges the batteries) and redesigned the keys. Those of the Illuminated were sharp, sharp, and the police were pretty futuristic. The Logitech K800 adopts a more neutral look, with rounded keys and a classic font. Between the two, it’s a matter of taste.Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming, Typing, and Office

No doubt the Illuminated is more masculine / geek, when the K800 is supposed to please everyone. This is at least what emerges from a quick poll in the editorial, mixed.  Below are few features of Logitech K800 on the basis of which we can say this is one of the best quiet keyboard of last two years. Check the features below:

  • As if taking an Illuminated and cutting the wire was not enough,
  • An indicator of the state of charge of the batteries,
  • An ON-OFF button
  • A presence detector

As soon as the keyboard sees your hands approaching, the keys light up. It’s efficient, fast and very practical. Backlit keyboard user word! Typically, during the game, it avoids pressing anywhere at night to wake up the backlight.


We enjoyed the strikes and the silence of the Illuminated. Those of the K800 are of the same order, in addition deaf even. The typing is a little more serious, with just a bar Space as often a little noisier.

Some ergonomic details are missing

A greater choice in its inclination: the K800 is, basic, slightly inclined forward; it can be more with its hind legs. Microsoft adds a reverse tilt, backwards, described as more ergonomic. Whether you like this original position or not, here you have no choice, it will necessarily be forward. Not even flat (while the Illuminated may not be inclined at all).

When you move with the keyboard under the arm, it would be good to be able to accommodate the tiny USB connector somewhere. There, you have to put it in your pocket.

The Lock key. Maj now has a small green LED on it to signal its activation. Convenient! But why is it not the same in this case on Verr. Num? No visual sign indicates its implementation. Or who has not already pestered about it when typing a password?

Gamer use: good too

Wireless and backlit: the players have something to be seduced. For classic games, and if you have normal behavior, then yes this keyboard will be perfect.

However, if you’re on the edge of the pro player, you spend your time to chain actions, and even trigger them simultaneously; the K800 is not the best of the lot. It lacks functions to easily create macros, like on the G19. Ditto, if you are a little violent, the robustness of the keys of the G19 seems better. The K800 remains a keyboard for delicate fingers, with short strike (descent in about 90 ms, as on the Illuminated, instead of 120 ms on keyboards with large keys), flexible, and can be reported without particular latency compared to a wired keyboard.

As incredible as it may seem, before this K800, there were either backlit keyboards or wireless keyboards. But both at once: no. Yet this association makes sense. However, this combination is likely to be increasingly sought after with this craze for wireless, as well as all those looking for a control system of the computer broadcast TV.

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