Microsoft Windows 8 Rival for iPad Mini

A report on tech site The Verge said Microsoft chief financial officer Peter Klein hinted at this at an investor call. Klein was quoted as saying Microsoft is working with original equipment manufacturers to build “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows.”Microsoft to take on iPad Mini with new smaller tablets
Such devices may be available “in the coming months” and will have “competitive price points,” he added.
“While Microsoft says smaller Windows-powered devices are due in the coming months, it’s possible that OEMs are planning to release these (devices) with Windows 8 installed ahead of the Windows 8.1 release,” it added.
The Verge noted Microsoft recently revised its Windows 8 tablet specifications to let OEMs make Windows 8 tablets with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.
On the other hand, Microsoft is working on a Windows 8.1 upgrade for later this year. The Verge also cited reports indicating a 7-inch Surface device is being planned as part of a new lineup of Microsoft tablets.
Also, it said Microsoft may be testing prototypes of a smart watch with a screen size of just 1.5 inches.