Friday , March 31 2023

Microsoft‘s Xbox 720 gaming console Price And Features

Microsoft‘s next-generation Xbox gaming console, which the company just affirmed the other day, is the latest to be implied in the rumor hype, and we for sure haven’t seen a shortage of supposition making its way around.

New Microsoft‘s Xbox 720 gaming console Review

Today, it’s been rumored that Microsoft will be emphasizing sharing features with the Xbox 720, and will even be taking a page out of the PS4 book by including their own “Share” button on the Xbox 720 controller.

This guessed share button will allow gamers to upload any gaming highlights to streaming services such as YouTube and Ustream, as well as share clips to Facebook, Twitter, and other social web services.

This feature seems to be practically identical to Sony‘s own sharing feature on the PlayStation 4, which the company detailed at the unveil event back in February.

The report comes from Polygon, where their sources say that the video game capture system will work like a DVR, and it can be turned on or off if need be.

Gamers can also set it up where the console automatically begins recording when certain in-game events happen. However, Microsoft is said to still be hammering out the details as of right now.

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