Saturday , February 4 2023

Mobilink Foundation Starts Earthquake Relief In Baluchistan

Mobilink Foundation to disseminate  food assistance to over 7,000 affectees in Awaraan.  Mobilink Foundation has started  relief operations in Baluchistan as a means of alleviating the straiten of those impressed  by the Recent epoch earthquake.Mobilink Reaches Out to Earthquake Hit Areas with Relief Efforts

A very strong or vigorous  shortage of food has resulted in starvation in the worse affected areas. As part of its initial effort, Mobilink Foundation will be collaborating with the Government of Baluchistan to distribute food assistance to over 7,000 victims in various relief camps in the vicinity of Awaraan and surrounding areas.

As part of the collaboration, the Government of Baluchistan will ensure safe passage for Mobilink Foundation’s relief caravans en route to relief camps in Awaraan. The Sindh Police and Rangers will be engaged to provide security from Karachi to Lasbela, following which the Pakistan Army will provide escort up to the designated relief distribution points. 


The Mobilink Foundationis a reflection of the commitment of Mobilink and its employees to reshape lives of the community in which Mobilink operates. Established in 2007, the Mobilink Foundation is a non-profit organization, which provides support for the local community in the areas of health, education, environment and humanitarian assistance.  Being a philanthropic organization, it is purely based on employee volunteerism that enables the Foundation to spend every penny directly towards the causes it is associated with. In 2013, Mobilink Foundation became Pakistan’s first and only telecom CR function to be certified by the Pakistan Center of Philanthropy (PCP).

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