Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages Complete Detail

Mobilink Pakistan has introduced its commercial 3G internet with complete packages detail that customers will be charged on usage. 

Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages - all Mobile Network Packages

3G Bundles Detail for Prepaid users

Pakistan’s no. 1 telecom company offering you conspicuous 3G internet speeds at affordable prices. Now surf the internet with the most exciting bundles in town and experience the speed of 3G internet in the decoration of your hand.

NamePrices (PKR)VolumeBonusValidity PeriodSubscription CodeBundle Status Code**Notification (Usage)Notification (Validity)
1Social Bundle ***0Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp24 Hrs*114*5#*114*5*2#
23G Daily bundle1550 MB24 Hrs*117*1#*117*1*2#10 MB & 1 MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
33G Daily Bundle 255 MB24 Hrs*117*2#*117*2*2#1 MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
43G 3-Day bundle35175 MBFree Facebook, WhatsApp & WIkipedia3 Days*117*3#*117*3*2#25 MB & 1 MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
53G Weekly Bundle60300 MB7 Days*117*7#*117*7*2#30 MB & 1 MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
63G Monthly Bundle – Lite150500 MB30 Days*117*31#*117*31*2#50 MB & 1MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
73G Monthly Bundle – Heavy3002 GB30 Days*117*30#*117*30*2#100 MB & 1MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
83G Monthly Bundle – Super6004 GBUnlimited free usage at 2G speed after FUP30 Days*117*32#*117*32*2#100 MB & 1MB Remaining1 Hour Remaining
93G Hybrid Monthly Bundle478*1000 Mobilink Mins, SMS & 2 GB30 Days*117*40#*117*40*2#100 MB & 1MB Remaining , 100 Mins & 10 Mins Remaining, 50 SMS & 5 SMS Remaining1 Hour Remaining
103G Base Rate18/MB

Video Calling

Sr.NamePrices (PKR)VolumeBonusValidity PeriodSubscription CodeBundle Status Code**Notification (Usage)Notification (Validity)
1Video Calling Monthly Bundle119.5*50 Mobilink VT Mins *30 Days*117*50#*117*50*2#10 Mins & 0 Mins Remaining1 Hour Remaining
2Video Calling Base Rate5.98/Min*