Motorola flirters the Moto E, “Goodbye Flip Phone” Hashtag also

Motorola is reminding us that it’s aiming to announce a different smartphone tomorrow, on May 13. the corporate took to Twitter to post a screenshot from the UI of the coming phone, whereas adding a #GoodbyeFlipPhone hashtag – that could be a sign that the new device is formed for first-time smartphone users. 

Good bye Flip Phone by Motorola

While Motorola doesn’t mention new smartphone’s name, this can be probably aiming to be “Moto E”.

The screenshot disclosed nowadays by the corporate appearance a bit like the house screen of the alleged Moto E that was pictured over the week-end. The Moto E is not any longer a secret, due to Brazilian retail merchantquick look.

The net store announce the cheap robot telephone nowadays, beside pictures of its exterior and a full list of specs. to mention that this phone has been created for “all” isn’t an underestimation. This phone, by all suggests that, can probably be priced even below the Moto G, a move which will solely continue Motorola’s major push into rising marketsFor comparison’s sake, these are the specs of the Moto G: four.5-inch HD (720p) show, 1.2GHz flower four hundred (quad-core), 8GB/16GB storage, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 2070mAh battery, and Kit quat.

The Moto E is anticipated to be formally proclaimed on might thirteen by Motorola at a press event in London.

Another tweet from Motorola mentions that the new smartphone …