New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review 2018

The New Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s ultimate power station smartphone is coming to you. It’s hard to imagine of much else it can cram into a phone, especially when this one one is so good. Here’s my full review of New Galaxy Note 9.


Similar to to the Giant mobile companies, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note 9, the big-screen, stylus-carrying the brother of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus that are also very good mobiels. It seems to be a lot like the Galaxy Note 8, but besides the marketing we think the advancements are considerable enough to make this Samsung’s best phone next to the S9 Plus.New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review 2018

Whereas newspaper headline changes are that yellow S-Pen with Bluetooth, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a larger power full battery and developed font & Back cameras, the standard look, feel and efficiency of the Note 9 means this is Samsung’s most prepared Note to agreed delivery date.

Because they launch of the iPhone X the idea of a  $1000 mobile phone is less alien now, and that is approximately the price you will pay if you need a Note 9 off contract. But it is such a pleasure to utilize, such a full smartphone, that it believes just as normal as Apple’s price tag.

Just like any cellphone though, it’s not without its flaws. Here’s our full Note 9 review.


As expected, the Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled at an Unpacked circumstance in New York on 9th of the August 2018.

That  price will get you a 128GB model but this can opt for 512GB if you can manage £099. GALAXY NOTE 9: DESIGN AND BUILD


New colors

No notch

Keeps headphone jack


New fingerprint scanner Placement

The Galaxy Note 9 is a surprise right out the box. Yes, it’s a big cellphone, but we expect that by now with the Note range. By thinning the frame always so slightly Samsung has stretched out the screen up from 6.3in to 6.4in, but the specifications of the phone are practically the same as the Note 8. Galaxy Note 9 New fingerprint scanner Placement

The Note 9 arrives in Midnight Black or Lavender Purple with matching S Pen, and Ocean Blue with a yellow S Pen. There’s also a great bright Metallic Copper option in some countries.

You’re most likely planning  to desire the blue one with the yellowish pen, but we also truly such as  the purple, which really is  a light beautiful metallic hue and appears great. Samsung continues  to utilize Gorilla Glass 5 on  the front side and right back.  the blue and purple designs shimmer beautifully, while  the black version remains duller. We surely expect for an in-screen fingerprint scanner as mobile phones just like  the Vivo NEX have this tech. It seems we will need to wait for the Galaxy S10 to get  it from Samsung, nevertheless  the sensor is with in a much better place underneath  the digital cameras as opposed to close  to all of them it’s still a slightly small, fiddly sensor compared to other phones though as it was on the Note 8.

The Note 9 has actually those familiar Samsung curves aided by  the alleged Infinity show, nonetheless  it features put on  weight. It is 205g and now we usually dislike it whenever  a phone feels like we’re holding a stone, but there is a good reason for it  here, plus  the phone is small adequate  to feel workable – but it is  a two hand phone for many jobs.

At 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm it’s planning to stretch many pockets, but its heft helps it be feel totally advanced. A bigger battery that is 4000mAh up from 3300mAh, may be  the main cause for the  weight enhance. If there is something we don’t might additional weight for, it is longer battery life. The phone feels even more luxurious compared to  the Note 8, with grippier metallic edges towards the chassis and  a  better oleophobic finish to the rear  of the product definition noticeably  fewer fingerprint smudges though it nevertheless gets quite greasy  back there.

It really is interesting to note (ha) that Samsung continues to buck two significant trends into  the phone globe. The Note 9 includes  a headphone jack but doesn’t  have a notch into  the display set alongside the iPhone X and lots of various other Android  phones this current year.

We’re happy with both these specific things and hopefully signals that notches are not constantly necessary, seeing as Samsung can deal so elegantly without all of them.

Its sides are graced with  a speaker, USB-C port, S-Pen silo, amount and energy keys and a pesky, un mappable Bixby button.


Better S Pen

New processor  More RAM

Up to 512GB storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 News: Price, Deals, Specs & FeaturesEven though Note 9 might look pretty just like  the Note 8, it comes down by having  a number of upgrades and brand-new features that get some  way to justifying the higher cost.


The screen is bigger at 6.4in but that’s just marginally different  to the 6.3in size utilized before. It’s a 2960 x 1440 Super AMOLED while  the known level  of detail, brightness and quality is stunning. Samsung features been able  to outdo itself once more and  this is, at launch, the display that is best ever for  a smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Price, Full Specifications & Features

The familiar Infinity Display suggests curved edges with  a Quad HD+ resolution plus  the brightness that is best in direct sunlight of any phone available on the market alongside the LG G7 ThinQ.

Processor, storage and memory

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also gets a specs boost into  the engine room. Samsung has jacked by having  a split strategy  for processors in many other markets, so numerous nations will get  the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 whilst  the British and  others gets Samsung’s  own Exynos 8910 (the model evaluated right here). GALAXY NOTE 9 Processor, storage and memory

Our product ended up being the 6GB RAM/128GB storage choice nevertheless  the  more expensive version readily available hits 8GB/512GB. It’s of the very first mobile phones to possess 512GB on board and underlines Samsung’s belief that the Note customer requires more storage space than numerous modern laptops.

Samsung calls the Note 9 ‘1TB prepared’ as you can total up  to 512GB through  the microSD card slot. That’s some  serious news administration should you want  to carry around a entire songs and video collection to  you all the time.

The Note 9 was faultless for performance and finally feels as fast as a Pixel 2 XL and OnePlus 6 in our use. The slowness that is only saw in contrast is Samsung’s utilization  of animated graphics between application flipping and opening, which will  make the program feel slower as compared to bare bones approach taken by OnePlus.

We benchmarked the telephone resistant to  the Note 8 and S9 Plus, along with  the iPhone X, OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20 Pro – mobile phones using those ongoing companies’ selection  of top end processor  the Note 9’s launch.

The Geekbench test actions pure handling power, GFXBench seems at different amounts  of GPU processing and framework rate, while Jetstream is really a  browser benchmark. It is clear that the Note 9 is  an phone that is exceptionally fast plus  the variations are negligible. Regardless if it looks such as  the iPhone is much more powerful, you won’t notice a difference in real-world use – we performedn’t.

Connectivity and sound

This phone has actually every feature that is extra hope for taking into consideration  the price: fast charging, wireless charging, IP68 waterproofing, NFC and 4G LTE. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Sound

It’s a bit unsatisfactory that the Note 9 ships through  a Quick Charge 2.0 charger when Android rivals mostly ship with 3.0 and are also compatible with 4.0. This means that whilst  not because slow as  a bundled iPhone charger, the Note 9 will charge slow than the OnePlus 6, Pixel 2 yet  others.

a brilliant improvement on the Note 8 will be  the stereo speakers – one on  the bottom side and something within  the earpiece. The drivers are too small to discern actual stereo separation, but the extra volume boost is much appreciated like most phones.

Call quality is first class with voices coming through particularly obvious over 4G and Wi-Fi. And Intelligent Scan, Samsung’s melding of face iris and unlock scanning, is quicker than ever before.


It’s top-notch specs all round ( without  the real notch) and Samsung moved one more by enhancing  the s-Pen that is already excellent. Incorporating Bluetooth low-energy tech, now you can utilize  the stylus like  a remote for things like using photos and selfies and clicking through presentations.

It’s also fully customisable (unlike the Bixby switch in  the left side  of the phone) to help you use it the way you fancy.

The S Pen just takes 40 moments to charge once slotted in to  the phone and lasts  for 30 moments because of its remote control obligations. You’ll nevertheless make use of  the old functions that are direct-to-screen it is dead, though.

Hovering over menus and icons usually shows just what the action will be before you tap, and being able  to take  the S-Pen out when  the phone is locked to scribble a note down continues to be fun and useful.

But  it’s nevertheless a niche thing to want coming from a smartphone even though some might notice  it as convenient, people will would like  to keep on using  the normal notes app and typing material in.

If you would like simply take team selfies (or luxurious head to toe selfies, nach) then the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen is your best friend, being employed as a remote shutter perfectly. But  the S-Pen remains something that is rather black colored and white – you’ll either love  it or forget that  it’s there. The advantage  of note using by typing is you’ll duplicate and paste it quickly cross-apps, or write whole passages on your phone.

Samsung desires you to definitely write notes down with  the S-Pen and save yourself all of them, and if it works in your favor then you’ll love it, exactly what then you’re able to do with those records is restricted.

As  an artistic tool, a good 6.4in screen is fairly limiting. You’ll be much better off because of  the 10.5in Galaxy loss S4 if drawing will be your game. Digital Cameras

The Note 9 has dual rear cameras with dual aperture and OIS like the S9 Plus. In reality, they are  the identical sensors: the variable aperture 12Mp f/1.5-2.4 primary as well as  a 12Mp f/2.4 for 2x optical zoom and level sensing. Brand New technology for the Note 9 specifically includes Flaw Detection and Scene Optimiser, which in simpler terms inform you if you’d taken a blurry photo and chooses the scene mode that is best for the shot.

The low-light prowess of this S9 Plus is ported over here, and  it’s a step that is noticeable through  the Note 8 as a result. Pictures tend to be wonderfully crisp, devoid associated with saturation that mars the shots that are otherwise excellent the Huawei P20 Pro.

Colour reproduction is stunning in  the enhanced show, though Samsung camera app is still too crowded and unintuitive. Sure, you certainly can do a whole lot, however  it’s a steep discovering bend to find it all.

Battery life

Among the best reasons for having the Note 9 is its battery pack life. This is  a nation mile ahead of  the 3300mAh cell of this Note 8, packing 4000mAh into a just marginally thicker frame. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 see How good is the battery life

The trade-off is totally worth every penny. On average we found the Note 9 gave us four and a half hours of display on time for  a charge that is full brightness on automobile, making use of tens of applications at a time and  streaming Spotify to Bluetooth headsets over 4G and Wi-Fi.

Less usage that is intense the Note 9 pushing an hour or so more  than that, and  we never once concerned about discovering  a charger – something that frequently happened while using  the Note 8. In  the Geekbench 4 battery test with brightness set to 120cd/m2 and screen  not dimming (our test that is standard) the Note 9 lasted seven hours and 27 mins. That’s a tad under  the Galaxy S9 Plus at seven hours 55 moments, nevertheless  the display screen listed here is bigger.

It’s a great score thinking about the OnePlus 6, LG G7 and HTC U12+ lasted for a lot less time, plus  it’s great to see Samsung finding  a 4000mAh battery pack in to  the phone following  the Note 7 disaster.


Android Oreo 8.1

Samsung Experience 9.5

Great S-Pen integration

The Note 9 boats with Android os 8.1 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.5 . It really is mostly a comparable design language through  the final two or three many years  of Samsung  phones but  in its current  state is really a pleasure to use – if  a long distance off  from stock Android os. GALAXY NOTE 9:  SOFTWARE AND APPS

Develop it’ll get  an upgrade to Pie at some  part of 2018. But Samsung tends  to pull its pumps notably with computer software changes and also  the Note 8 will most likely get Android P after OnePlus and Sony mobile phones at the least.

The application is largely exactly like from  the S9 mobile phones but plus  the S Pen features stated earlier, the Note 9 has DeX built-in. This means you don’t have to purchase a split docking section to perform Samsung’s desktop knowledge for  a monitor.

You simply need an HMDI to USB-C cable to plug the device into  a monitor while  the Note shall display its pc software such as for instance  a Microsoft Windows desktop computer.

Needless to say, you get other Samsung also things like Bixby and AR Emoji, and  in recent years Samsung is becoming better at pressing Bing apps to the individual in place of doubling up with Samsung alternatives. But  the computer software epidermis is quite hefty compared to stock Android os, and  we found the Note 8 slowed down a tad over the course  of per year. Hopefully the Note 9 will be  a story that is different it zips along out of the box.

I this SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 worth to buy or Not?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9  is the best Samsung phone you can purchase now, but  it’s additionally oddly the niche that is most. Then the standard S9 will suit you for around less if you don’t want all its expensive features like the S-Pen and huge 6.4 in display.

But  the Note 9 is supremely effective with every feature you might hope for, stellar battery life, slick design and amazing digital cameras.

In the world  of £ 1000 phones, it is as effective as the iPhone X but  a various monster. If its efficiency functions and niche  software you prefer, you’ll love it – but it isn’t for everybody despite its excellence. So its ends upon you to get high values and power of battery in  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to get full enjoyment.