Nokia Intel Pakistan Get Verified Fan Pages on Facebook

Obviously, Nokia Pakistan and Intel Pakistan became solely Pakistani brands to induce verified page standing on Facebook.Nokia Pakistan and Intel Pakistan Get Verified Pages on Facebook

Facebook rollout this new feature of validating well-known public figures and Pages with huge fan-followings – for instance celebrities, journalists, governance, well-liked brands and businesses – back in could 2013. Company same that verified page standing are going to be extended to a restricted and choose profiles and pages within the begin.

 rather straight-forward copy of Twitter verified accounts, with similar attributes, Facebook also marks the pages and profiles with small blue checkmark to indicate that a person or business is indeed the legitimate account holder. This blue checkmark is displayed across the website, search results and feeds to distinguish the verified pages from regular ones.

Facebook, however, hasn’t made public the criteria through which large-scale pages or celebrities can get verified page statuses. Also to note that no one can request to get verified page status, and this is something Facebook bestows itself based upon an unknown algorithm.

It merits mentioning here that Nokia Pakistan is number 2 Pakistani brand on Facebook in terms of fan-following after OLX Pakistan. However, Intel Pakistan stands pretty much down the line with 592,471 fans on its page.

It is assumed that global association of these brands might have played a role in getting verified page status. But it is anticipated that more brands are likely to get the same treatment in coming days.

Here are some of the top brands from Pakistan on Facebook:

  • OLX Pakistan: 1,937,728 likes
  • Nokia Pakistan: 1,456,860 likes
  • Ufone: 1,315,424 likes
  • 14th Street Pizza: 1,012,632 likes
  • Pizza Hut – Pakistan: 943,968 likes
  • Zong: 920,804 likes
  • Samsung Pakistan: 858,490 likes
  • Pepsi Pakistan: 780,146 likes
  • Mobilink: 734,623 likes
  • Pantene Pakistan: 718,719 likes
  • Intel Pakistan: 592,471 likes