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Participate Pakistan Idol through Mobilink Mobile Audition

Mobilink Mobile Auditions you have the exclusive chance to participate in Pakistan’s biggest singing competition, Pakistan Idol. You can register for the event and record your audition through this service. So hurry up now and Choo lo apni awaz sai Har Dil, Har Din Mobilink k saath.

Join Pakistan Idol through Mobilink Mobile Audition

Participate Pakistan Idol through Mobilink Mobile Audition


 Although team of Pakistan idol try to visit maximum cities of Pakistan but till it’s not possible to visit rural areas of Pakistan. So they have not any platform to show their talent and most important thing is that mission of this show is also not complete. Because in their initial announcement they claim that they search talent from every part of Pakistan.

For this Mobilink give chance to all talented singers that they record their voice and send it to a given address. These all mails are directed received by a team that selected by management of this team. Further details that include address at which one send this recorded voice are given there.

Procedure to Join Pakistan Idol through Mobilink Mobile Audition:

First record your voice from your mobile phone and then send it to 2241 from any Mobilink sim. After sending this recorded voice one becomes participants of this competition show. In order to get information one can also visit on given link # mobilinkmusic.

As time passed excitement craze of this singing competition show will going to its peak. This is first time when youngsters get chance to show their talent at this platform. Before this due to unavailability of a proper place many youngsters fail to show their singing abilities. Now they target rural as well as urban areas, at end winning participant get a heavy prize. Now it will become most popular show that gets fame in a short period of time. Before arriving of team excitement of participant goes to its peak and they desperately wait for their entry. Those who are not able to join it directly they Join Pakistan Idol through mobilink mobile audition so just follow above procedure and become part of this show.

How to Use this Service?

Dial 2241 and then press 1 to record Name, City and CNIC Number. Thereafter, record a song to complete the registration.


Calling Charges: Rs. 10+tax/min
There are no subscription charges

Calling Charges: Rs. 10+tax/min

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