How To Get PIFRA Monthly Employee Salary Slip On Email Address

Here we are sharing the method of How To Get PIFRA Monthly Employee Salary Slip on Email Address to be informative for your exact monthly basic pay and allowances that you get on Mahana Basis and what is an increase in annual increment and Budget salary increase.If you are a government employee and wish that your monthly salary slip statement should get in your email inbox. So keep reading this article because the PIFRA have introduced the way where you can get your monthly salary slip in your email address. Online Payslip All Govt of Punjab Employees in Urdu

How to Get Pifra Pay slip via Email for Government Employees:

Pifra stands for Project to improve financial reporting and auditing whose main purpose to computerized the style of financial reporting and auditing in Pakistan. In other words, it is to generate the Timely, Accurate and reliable statements, To monitor Fiscal Deficit and to forecast Flow of Cash, To manage Public Debt, To achieve effective financial controls. If you search Pifra in Google then the first website is the official website that controls the whole of the systems of this Financial Management. Our prime function is to register for Pifra online Salary slip so that we can get our monthly salary slip in our email. The procedure of how to get salary slip from pifra is designed to help you to get your monthly pay statement for your department in your email to get download any time and get printed for any purpose.

When you open Pifra website then you have to navigate to “email registration form”. You will see the screen like below.pifra home screen view

To start to register for PIFRA Salary slip online you must have two things before the procedure.  First of all you need and Email ID. That ID you may have earliest or you can register your email on Gmail in a simple step by Step. The online registration is very easy and everyone can do this in simple steps. The other website is also for this purpose.
The second thing to need to complete these steps is your salary slip that may in any form and should have your complete detail on it. Because something that is needed to register this Pifra website is seen only on this old salary slip.   The first step is that you must fill the above form of Input personal information. Most of the guidelines are seen in this form like You must enter you

  • Govt Code
  • Employee Personnel Number
  • Enter your CNIC or Old NIC
  • Date of Birth
  • Cell/Mobile Number

First is that you must enter your Province Code from you belong i.e. I am from Punjab and I will have to put ”P” but you will have to enter your related code. Then you must enter your  Employee Personnel Number that will be seen on your old Salary slip provided by Account office of your department or District account office.

Then enter your Computerized National Identity Card CNIC number or Old NIC number that you have. This code should be without dashes and in a serial. Then you must enter your original date of Birth that can choose from the drop-down calendar and the date will be formatted accordingly. You can enter date without dashes with the format of (monthdayyear)31122018. Then you must enter your mobile number in the form and press the form button to verify the detail.

Get register PIFRA Salary Pay Slips for Govt Employees here:

If you have gained all the detail mentioned above, then you can to visit this link:

The you will get the message on screen for welcome please enters your email address where you want to receive the salary slip. After few steps guided you will be registered on Pifra online salary slip registration and you will get your PIFRA Online salary Pay slips Registration for Govt Employee in your inbox on monthly basis. You will get your monthly salary slip in PDF format in your inbox at the end of the month or start of the month. You need to download adobe reader to read this file.  Usually it is received from 25th to 4th of the months gaps.

I am sharing my personal salary slip to give you and ideas about the PIFRA Monthly salary slips for Government employees.

Salary slip Pattern by Pifra

If you do not want to receive Salary Slip via email in future, reply to : and you will be propmted to stop receiving this email in future. This PIFRA Salary Slip is used in many ways for your services and for bank accounts opening. So you must register it. And if you have any question about these steps and you did not get your PIFRA Payslip Monthly salary Slip via Email Registration Method Online in your email then comment below that we can help you in this regard. Thanks…