Sunday , February 5 2023

PTCL introduced Broadband 8Mb Package

PTCL new Broadband brought in high speed internet packages of 8Mbps for just  of Rupee 2,999 per month with unlimited data downloading. This new Unlimited downloads is as a special promotion will continue till 31st December 2014.High Speed PTCL DSL 8Mbps Internet in Rupee  2999

Following 1st January 2015, let’s aver you would complete your assigned quota of transferring limit of 100 GB and after that you keep on going with Rs 100 per GB, if your bill would reach to Rs. 7,000, the further downloading would be stopped .It means Rs. 7,000 is the maximum amount of bill.

Afterwards this, the transferring limit will be 100 GB but cropping speed remain the same. After completing assigned 100 GBs, there will be extra 100 Rs. per 1 GB.

Such smart move by PTCL is sure as shooting an effort to resist against its contentions. The telecom companies are giving high speed internet to the consumers after arrival of 3G/4G services.

This has created trouble for the local broad-band providers like PTCL, Qubee. PTCL main rivalries, Wateen, Wi-tribe and Qubee will for sure birth to face this blow by PTCL for their parcels are very high-priced.