Rs. 1500 Prize bond list 17 August 2020 Draw No.83 Result Held Multan

Check 1500 Prize bond draw result 17 August 2020 by the National savings of Pakistan Multan. The Fifteen Hundred Prize bond draw list August 2020 by National Savings of Pakistan city with complete prize bond draw schedule and results. You can search for Rs. 1500 prize bond list Draw No.83 Result 2020 Held Multan and all previous lucky draws and current Prize bond 1500 list 2020 on this page by

Rs. 1500 Prize bond Draw

 Rs. 1500 prize bond Draw Prizes amounts:

  • First Prize: Rs. 3,000,000/- (01 Prize)
  • Second Prize: Rs.1,000,000/- (03 Prize)
  • Third Prize: Rs.18,500/ (1696 PRIZES)

2020 Draws:

84Rs.150016-11-2019Quetta———— —— ——OnlineDownload
83Rs.150017-08-2019Multan076060344671 354844 683780OnlineDownload
82Rs.150015-05-2019Muzaffarabad693022736750 903700 934907OnlineDownload
81Rs.150017-02-2020Rawalpindi585821037437 522658 656259OnlineDownload

2019 Draws:

80Rs.150015-11-2019Faisalabad980575442481 754902 776936OnlineDownload
79Rs.150016-08-2019Peshawar438068085468 519591 855920OnlineDownload
78Rs.150015-05-2019Multan766214452871 806977 862326OnlineDownload
77Rs.150015-02-2019Hyderabad051726265147 266899 395935OnlineDownload


2019 Draws:

76Rs.150015-11-2018Faisalabad060417068264 466734 581852OnlineDownload
75Rs.150015-08-2018Karachi822591450182 507503 768603OnlineDownload
74Rs.150015-05-2018Quetta015507577579 601042 923327OnlineDownload
73Rs.150015-02-2018Karachi635576354086 617702 978482OnlineDownload


2017 Draws:

72Rs.150015-11-2017Peshawar180231287457 755034 974057OnlineDownload
71Rs.150015-08-2017Multan212238030485 041720 762207OnlineDownload
70Rs.150015-05-2017Lahore417651160416 227621 464325OnlineDownload
69Rs.150015-02-2017Hyderabad631269645333 745980 878989OnlineDownload


2016 Draws:

68Rs.150015-11-2016Karachi720767076434 154035 500948OnlineDownload
67Rs.150015-08-2016Rawalpindi348344147641 359924 837037OnlineDownload
66Rs.150016-05-2016Multan532148413902 523304 912440OnlineDownload
65Rs.150015-02-2016Peshawar748085338227 701280 996309OnlineDownload


2015 Draws:

64Rs.150016-11-2015Quetta474026521700 538648 807500OnlineDownload
63Rs.150017-08-2015Karachi380897328571 349641 460547OnlineDownload
62Rs.150015-05-2015Multan512421367872 727729 735235OnlineDownload
61Rs.150016-02-2015Faisalabad749492457346 692793 914362OnlineDownload


2014 Draws:

60Rs.150017-11-2014Faisalabad423616446659 865808 994771OnlineDownload
59Rs.150015-08-2014Lahore950330340316 510132 676221OnlineDownload
58Rs.150015-05-2014Peshawar930079270397 579451 745877OnlineDownload
57Rs.150017-02-2014Multan097759276315 282461 435523OnlineDownload


2013 Draws:

56Rs.150018-11-2013Rawalpindi638901037468 198195 877732OnlineDownload
55Rs.150015-08-2013Peshawar319356242416 501494 900365OnlineDownload
54Rs.150015-05-2013Hyderabad683308119906 566916 649983OnlineDownload
53Rs.150015-02-2013Quetta818127005904 902018 941425OnlineDownload


2012 Draws:

52Rs.150015-11-2012Karachi880675685887 783530 835984OnlineDownload
51Rs.150015-08-2012Hyderabad256095308640 490027 897870OnlineDownload
50Rs.150015-05-2012Peshawar639187198401 368313 532536OnlineDownload
49Rs.150015-02-2012Multan339904139848 155164 898593OnlineDownload


2011 Draws:

48Rs.150015-11-2011Lahore945437004802 335717 757747OnlineDownload
47Rs.150015-08-2011Multan799571216848 462400 985433OnlineDownload
46Rs.150016-05-2011Peshawar466063107347 259274 695767OnlineDownload
45Rs.150015-02-2011Faisalabad428853248550 597170 819082OnlineDownload

Rs. 1500 prize bond Draw:

The Rs. 1500 Prize bond draw list can be downloading and search online on this page. The full draw result with schedule and winning lucky numbers are updated here for the bond owners. If you have bought some Fifteen Hundred Prize bonds, then you can check results now.

The Rs. 1500 Prize bond is 4th low price denomination in the National savings Bonds. It is famous and also widely bought in Pakistan due to low prices and very good winning amounts for the first, second and third lucky winners. This Fifteen Hundred prize bond has 04 draws in each year’s prizebond schedule. This bond was launched in the year 1999 and till so far continued for the public.

The Security Features Of Prize Bond 1500 Include:

  • Government Of Pakistan In Reverse
  • White Line Border Or Reverse Border
  • White Line Or Reverse Rosette
  • Rainbow Printing Invisible Denomination
  • W/M Paper, That Is Visible When Held Up to A Light
  • Security Thread 1.2 Window Security Thread
  • Government Of Pakistan
  • Penetrating Numbering (Ink Contains Red Dye That Penetrates
  • Into The Fibers Of Paper
  • And Shift Color To Green Under Uv Light)
  • Reverse Image Of Numbers In Red Colour

Search Results of Draw result of Rs. 1500 Prize bond online. If you are looking for that latest draw of the Prize bond Result 1500, then you are in the right place. We have designed this page to fully facilitate that bondholder for checking and analyzing the latest prize bond draw results in Pakistan. Along with this Fifteen Hundred prize bond denomination, you can also search other Prize bond lists on mobiledady. We regularly update all lists with the full third and fist second winners. All the features are free and unlimited to use for prize bonds and download online to your PC. And moreover, you will have not to sign up, register or subscribe anything. We only do this for the public interest.

The prize bonds are issued by the Government of Pakistan Finance department, which is authorized to issue only by state bank of Pakistan and its sub-branches.  The Prize bond system was introduced in 1960 under the supervision of the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) of Pakistan.

At the start of these savings schemes, the bonds were limited to Rs.10 and Rs.100 only but now there are 08 different denominations with the various amounts ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.40000 Premium bonds. You may know about that scheme and its benefits. This is a very secure and legal investment for all kinds of businessmen and savings. These savings can bring a huge amount of prizes for you. The winning of the first and second prize can lead to making you rich in a day. The winning in only with luck, but we should believe in Allah to have benefits.

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