Rs. 25000 Prize bond Draw List 2020 3 August Lahore Check online

Check Rs. 25000 prize bond Draw List 03 August 2020 that will be held in Lahore online. The Fifteen Thousand Denomination Prize bond result 2020 is on 83# draw by the National savings of Pakistan. The Prize bond draw 25000 august 2020 Lahore check first and the second winner lucky number by National savings of Pakistan online.  You can view first and second prize winner lucky number date wise for recent and past 25000 prize bond draw 2020 Lahore draw results by here. Rs. 25000 Prize bond Draw List

All Prize bond draw 25000 3 August 2020 Lahore download Year Wise:

2020 Draws:

35Rs.2500002-11-2020Peshawar———— —— ——OnlineDownload
34Rs.2500003-08-2020Lahore548532288875 715500 906247OnlineDownload
33Rs.2500004-05-2020Rawalpindi629095521142 255674 473918OnlineDownload
32Rs.2500003-02-2020Faisalabad756356560785 322938 164617OnlineDownload

2019 Draws:

31Rs.2500001-11-2019Multan143553022326 388281 405373OnlineDownload
30Rs.2500001-08-2019Rawalpindi800524623296 923188 991782OnlineDownload
29Rs.2500002-05-2019Karachi714078183190 537634 663366OnlineDownload
28Rs.2500001-02-2019Quetta429168167993 458710 785204OnlineDownload

2018 Draws:

27Rs.2500001-11-2018Karachi037514075841 366531 919382OnlineDownload
26Rs.2500001-08-2018Rawalpindi658044342317 865870 958157OnlineDownload
25Rs.2500002-05-2018Faisalabad811271408684 507018 859416OnlineDownload
24Rs.2500001-02-2018Quetta046812581055 769672 775572OnlineDownload

2017 Draws:

23Rs.2500001-11-2017Karachi030166093312 448540 948110OnlineDownload
22Rs.2500001-08-2017Peshawar671711289963 873389 972525OnlineDownload
21Rs.2500002-05-2017Multan228192380730 456407 577573OnlineDownload
20Rs.2500001-02-2017Quetta179999176979 319778 587015OnlineDownload

2016 Draws:

19Rs.2500001-11-2016Muzaffarabad631483157424 206261 525107OnlineDownload
18Rs.2500001-08-2016Hyderabad021449168427 855798 949022OnlineDownload
17Rs.2500002-05-2016Rawalpindi485400039885 157468 408116OnlineDownload
16Rs.2500001-02-2016Lahore755928737699 845673 984323OnlineDownload

2015 Draws:

15Rs.2500002-11-2015Multan185716076022 088008 325312OnlineDownload
14Rs.2500003-08-2015Lahore953805005653 226193 296951OnlineDownload
13Rs.2500004-05-2015Islamabad273592100797 102908 350706OnlineDownload
12Rs.2500002-02-2015Karachi727435239929 582820 904720OnlineDownload

2014 Draws:

11Rs.2500005-11-2014Hyderabad423620302241 303508 589358OnlineDownload
10Rs.2500004-08-2014Karachi594936035260 416910 518336OnlineDownload
09Rs.2500002-05-2014Muzaffarabad955812101089 660622 933600OnlineDownload
08Rs.2500003-02-2014Lahore710524396251 678355 816282OnlineDownload

2013 Draws:

07Rs.2500001-11-2013Muzaffarabad218850398464 506718 959586OnlineDownload
06Rs.2500001-08-2013Multan004092326216 349683 396576OnlineDownload
05Rs.2500002-05-2013Karachi442680322519 328177 679002OnlineDownload
04Rs.2500001-02-2013Faisalabad703071074319 824034 846679OnlineDownload


2012 Draws:

03Rs.2500001-11-2012Hyderabad053047330492 343421 830796OnlineDownload
02Rs.2500001-08-2012Lahore751620076734 432344 919834OnlineDownload
01Rs.2500002-05-2012Rawalpindi573744460507 775760 843529OnlineDownload

Prize Bond 25000 draw:

Check Prize Bond 25000 draw list and schedule 2020 online. All National Savings Rs.25000 Prize bond lucky draws listed date wise that can be claimed from State Bank of Pakistan. The search prize bond winning lucky numbers of prize bond twenty-Five thousand by mobiledady. We d update here 25000 prize bond draw 2020 all draw a lucky number for first and second winners number on the draw date with accurate numbers.

 The people who have money as savings, they have many ways to invest their money in any different business. Most of investors have lot of cash to invest. Mostly the business of stock exchange, mutual funds, and forex business, currency exchange, trading and shares for this purpose.

Due to many reasons, like low experience and high-risk factors, they may lose all the money. The market price and fluctuation in the market may create many risks for them. But if you have enough money, then the Prize bond 25000 is the best way to invest. That is a fully secure and riskless investment for you. As you may know that these prize bonds are dealt with by the Government of Pakistan. So there is no person involved in fraud.

The prize bond 25000 draw is schedule 04 times annually. So if you have money to invest in this denomination, then you may have many chances to win this year in prize bond schedule 2020. If you own these bonds, then 25000 prize bond list 2020 can be seen here. We update all twenty-five thousand prize bond results on this page.

Prize Bond Rs.25000 Winning Prize amounts:

This is the most costly bond at 2nd position in all 08 denominations. The bond has 1700 prizes divided into three categories. The first, second and third prizes have 01, 03 and 1696 numbers respectively.

  • First Prize (Rs. 50,000,000) = 01 Winner
  • Second Prize (Rs. 15,000,000) = 03 Winners
  • Third Prize (Rs. 312,000) = 1,696 Winners

Invest in 25000 prize bond draw and build your life:

You may see like other denominations these bond owners will win many prizes. If your savings cannot be used for many years, then you have the option to get win the huge amount of prizes. You will buy a twenty thousand prize bond one time, but the chances are lifetime to win. If you need money, then you can do it very quickly, only go to State Bank of Pakistan, and you will get your money back in your hand in few minutes without any loss or cost. The all prize bond draw is arranged by the National savings of Pakistan, and you have no need to worry about any kind of fraud in the balloting. But keep an eye while purchasing bonds from local prize bond dealers.

 If you own any worth denomination, then you must be aware draw dates and time, to see what is happing in this month about prize bond draw, and which denomination is schedule in draw table. You must see carefully and then buy next. After buying, you will get a four-time chance to be in the draw.

 The Pakistani Government has the authority to issue or ban any prize bond draw 25000. So most of the people buy these prize bond draw 25000 2020 without any hesitation.

 The bond can be bought from any bank or national savings office, or stat bank of Pakistan with no extra cost. Any you can sell that bonds any time without any loss and cost. The stat bank issues the prize bond schedule to sort out the draw dates in various cities of Pakistan. You can see your prize worth and lucky number from mobiledady or official prize bond website online. The percentage of winning bond is very low, but luck matters for you.

These are no Talismi Chirag to know which bond will be won in that draw. So be careful from scammers and buy only with due reasons. The page is only for Prize bond draw 25000 result 2020 to check first and second lucky winners. The full prize bond 250000 lists 2020 for the third prize can be seen from the links above in the respective draws.

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