Sunday , February 5 2023

Search Perfect Spouse With Warid Shaadi Portal

Now find and Search Perfect Spouse With Warid Shaadi Portal. Having difficulties finding an ideal life partner? It’s time you look for your soul mate in the most unique and convenient way. With Warid Shaadi Portal the search for the perfect spouse will now be so much easier and absolutely hassle free.Search Perfect Spouse With Warid Shaadi Portal

You can, not only record your proposal but also search, listen and contact potential partners from the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and dial IVR 6464 now to find your better half today!

Warid Shaadi Portal Mechanics:

To start, subscribers just need to dial a IVR short code 6464 & before they can start searching for potential partners, they shall have to subscribe to the service and record their profile

To unsubscribe send Unsub in SMS to 6464

How Warid Shaadi Portal Works:

A subscriber has the following options on IVR :

  • Record a Profile/Proposal
  • Listen to recorded profiles
  • Edit or Delete your Profile
  • Browse and listen to proposals recorded by other subscribers
  • A subscriber can upload his/her picture by sending MMS to 6463 (supported formats: Gif, Jpeg)
  • Subscribers can also browse on service WAP page
  • WAP link is:

If a potential proposal interests any subscriber, they can either:

  • An intimation message shall be sent to the profile owner and
  • The receiving party shall need to dial IVR 6464 to proceed accordingly

To cater a more ‘localized’ need; service is being offered in English, Urdu and major regional languages.

Warid Shaadi Portal Charges:

First Time Only Subscription charges


Per Minute IVR charging on 6464


SMS Un-subscription on 6464


MMS (Standard Charges Apply)


Warid Shaadi Portal Terms and Conditions:

  • Recorded profiles will be uploaded within (24 till 48 hours), after proper screening process, and user shall receive a confirmation through SMS when his/her profile is uploaded
  • Service is available to all Warid subscribers on all packages (Prepaid & Postpaid)
  • Subscriber(s) need to have a GPRS enabled/activated handset to access the service WAP page
  • Image(s) size should be not exceeded from 300KB
  • Only those Subscribers can propose/contact a person who have their profiles recorded on Warid Shadi Portal


Warid Telecom shall not be responsible under any circumstances and for any reason whatsoever for the service, any error / outage / disruption or interruption in the service, the authenticity / legality / accuracy / infringement of intellectual property rights / copy rights in regard to the content uploaded on to the service by the subscriber. The subscriber shall indemnify Warid Telecom against any loss / damage caused for reasons attributable to any act / omission of a third party or the subscriber. The subscriber is deemed to have knowledge and compliance with the laws relevant to the publishing of such content.

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