Saturday , February 4 2023

Sitarey Kehtey Hain by warid

The horoscope is loved by some special people that believe in stars. So Warid Telecom is introducing a horoscope service for their valued customers. This service is named “Sitarey Kehtey Hain”.

Warid Telecom New ‘Sitarey Kehtey Hain’ Service

Sitarey Kehtey Hain is a new entertainment service that offers you a horoscope or future predictions that are matched to your stars.

You can get the latest and daily base future telling by sending your date of birth to 2552 or sending “menu” to 2553 and receiving the horoscope for one day! Analyze your dreams, check Love compatibility, Name compatibility, Celebrity love match, Zodiac compatibility, and Numerology. You can also share these fun predictions with your friends and family. 

Warid Horoscope Service “Sitarey Kehtey Hain”

Here is a full menu of actions you can perform:

Menu Sub Menu
1. Compatibility Test 1. Love Compatibility
2. Celebrity Compatibility
3. Color Compatibility
4. Name Compatibility
5. Zodiac Compatibility
2. Apka Sitara 1. Career Traits
2. Family Traits
3. Education Traits
4. Love Traits

How to activate Sitarey Kehtey Hain:

Dial 2552

Send date of birth <dd-mm> to 2552

Send “Menu” to 2553


Warid Prepaid: 

Charges PKR
Subscription (First Time) 0.50+tax
Rental per Day (Prepaid only) 0.50+tax/day
Per Minute IVR charges (Prepaid) 0.20 + tax/min
For service option (Pull Base) Rs 2+tax/SMS

Warid Postpaid

Charges PKR
Subscription per month 15.00+tax
Per Minute IVR charges 0.20+tax/min
For service option (Pull Base) Rs. 2+tax/SMS


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