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SMEDA Internship Program 2014

This it the question that What is SMEDA Internship Program, Categories and its FAQs & complete detail. Here we are sharing some information about SMEDA Internship Program 2014. SMEDA Announced Internship Program

SMEDA Internship Program is projected for the educated youth of Pakistan specially poor families  granting them an opportunity to intern, in their applicable and relent of interest with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

This opportunity will equip them with hands-on experience, exposing them to practical understanding of real life work experiences.

SMEDA All Internship Program Categories

Accounting / Audit / Taxation (0) Administration / Clerical Support / Secretarial (0) Advertising (0)
Airlines / Avionics / Aerospace (0) Architectural (0) Automotive (0)
Banking / Finance / Securities (0) Biotechnology (0) Call Centre (0)
Civil / Construction (0) Communications (0) Computer / IT (0)
Consultant / Contractual (1) Customer Service (0) Defense (0)
Design (0) Documentary Credit / Bills Processing (0) Editorial / Journalism (0)
Education (0) Energy / Natural Resources / Oil & Gas (0) Engineering (0)
Entertainment – Artists / Singers / Musicians (0) Environmental / Safety (0) Food & Beverage (0)
Fundraising (0) Gems & Jewelry (0) General Management (0)
Health / Medicine (0) Hospitality / Hotel Services (0) Human Resources / Recruitment (0)
Insurance (0) Legal & Compliance (0) Logistics / Transportation (0)
Maintenance (0) Management (0) Manufacturing / Warehouse (0)
Marketing / Public Relations (0) Mechanical Engineering (0) Media & Communications (0)
Medical Services (0) Merchandising (0) Mortgage / Real Estate (0)
Pharmaceutical (0) Photography / Video (0) Printing (0)
Product Design (0) Public Relations (0) Research & Development (R&D) (0)
Retail (0) Sales (0) Scientific (0)
Shipping / Distribution (0) Technicians (0) Trades (0)
Web Site Development (0)

 ::: Internship Program  ::: Complete Detail and Application Procedure of SMEDA

Q. What is the SMEDA Internship Program?

A. SMEDA Internship Program is designed for the educated youth of Pakistan; allowing them an opportunity to intern, in their relevant field of interest with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This opportunity will equip them with hands-on experience, exposing them to practical understanding of real life work experiences.

Q. What is the eligibility criterion for selection in the program?

A. The program is open to all students and businesses across Pakistan.

Q. How to apply for the internship?

A. Interested candidates can apply on-line through SMEDA site  by choosing their category of interest and posting their resumes. The on-line mode will facilitate prompt processing of the resumes and their placement.

Similarly SMEs ::: businesses can place offers for internship within the category ::: field of interest on SMEDA internship portal.

(“Online registration is free but mandatory to avail all free services offered by SMEDA”).

Q. Does the internship constitute a job offer?

A. The internship program does in no way constitute an offer of employment (immediately or subsequently) with the SME. However, it may amplify their employability prospects.

Q. What is the duration of the internship?

A. The duration of the internship shall be determined pursuant to the terms and conditions of the internship offer; which shall be settled mutually between the SMEs ::: businesses and the intern. It is a training exercise which will automatically terminate after the agreed time-period.

Q. Are there any monetary benefits associated with the internship program?

A. The monetary benefits, if any, shall be determined pursuant to the terms and conditions of the internship offer; which shall be settled mutually between the SME and the intern.

Q. What are the benefits of internship in terms of future employment prospects?

A. The exposure earned by the intern during the internship will result in enhanced employability in the job market. This training exercise and hands on experience shall equip the interns with a competitive edge for future job selections.

Q. What are the benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) under the SMEDA Internship program?

SMEs ::: businesses offering the internships will benefit from fresh ideas that would be brought in by the interns. This exercise will help in developing and keeping up with latest business strategies and techniques.

Q. What are the advantages for the Academia under the internship program?

A. Through testimonials ::: feedback received from students pursuant to the internship program, the academia shall be able to identify the gaps within and take coherent steps for improving ::: tailoring their business studies ::: entrepreneurship syllabi and teaching ::: learning methodologies.

Q. What are the benefits envisaged for the Business Support Organizations?

A. Based on feed-back from the internship program, business support organizations shall be able to develop focused initiatives for SME development, devise conducive policies and therefore promote a healthier business climate.

Q. What is SMEDA’s role in the internship program?

A. SMEDA Internship Portal is an e-platform developed for students and SMEs ::: businesses to interact directly with each other, bridging the demand & supply gap of human resources in the country.  SMEDA does not assume the role of a regulator or moderator in any respect.

 Q. Will a certificate be awarded on the successful completion of the internship?

A. Interns on successfully completing the duration of the internships shall be awarded internship certificates by the respective SMEs.

Q. Will there be a penalty for not completing the entire duration of the internship?

A. There shall be no penalty in the event that the internship is either discontinued by the SME or the failure of the intern to complete the duration of the internship. However; failure to carry forth the internship for the agreed time-period shall be considered unprofessional and no internship completion certificate shall be awarded to the intern in that event.

Q. What will be the nature of assignments ::: training during the internship?

A. The internship program shall aim to ensure maximum utility of the intern’s ability ::: output and test drive academic learning in a practical scenario. The mentoring and constant monitoring by the SME shall make certain that the interns actually benefit from their association and that the internship proves to be meaningful for both the SME and the intern in terms of activities performed and results achieved.

For more detail visit SMEDA Official Website:

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