Saturday , February 4 2023

Ufone UQuestion To Answers Your Thinking

Ufone UQuestion To Answers Your Thinking is new offer the customer who wish some solution when you think but have no answer.Recent questions and answers in Ufone

Exactly will you do when a question will hit into your mind? Perhaps you will ask some expert, consult a book, go to Wikipedia or just Google it and it is quite much expected that you will get the answer and problem solved.But wait a minute, what happens when you are all alone, middle of nowhere without internet access and you need to find an answer of something? Now that’s the moment when Ufone will come to rescue you since it has now announced amazing offer namely UQuestion through which Ufone will give you answers of your queries via SMS.

This is a very fine and innovative offer from Ufone and as I have already mentioned in my previous pposts that Telco industry of Pakistan is going beyond just call and sms packages and Ufone has never been behind others when it comes to innovation.

How UQuestion Works:

For the first time in Pakistan Telco industry, UQuestion makes the database of answers for variety of questions through which users will be provided answers to their relevant askings within seconds, as Ufone claims. And if user’s question goes beyond the database then it will be forwarded to the knowledge agents of Ufone and the answer will be provided within 45 minutes.

How to Subscribe ?

All you have to do is to type your question in SMS and send it to 2750


An amount of Rs. 5+tax will be deducted for each sms/question you send to UQuestion.

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