Friday , January 27 2023

Ufone with British Council offering 5 Scholarships of Rs. 10 M each

With other best mobile services in Pakistan, Ufone is now active for the betterment of students. Ufone and UK British Council offering 5 Scholarships of Rs. 1,000,000 each.

At Ufone, we attempt to create lasting bonds with you, our esteemed customers and that’s why contributing innovation to the ways we connect to you is vital. Within behaving that, our focus is to offer such singular benefits that help in shaping up your lives for the improve.

Inside a string of such endeavors is another one. Ufone conjointly British Council is giving 5 of you a whopping scholarship of Rs. 1,000,000 each to study in any top university, anyplace in the world. So if you have an Ufone SIM and are filed for IELTS with British Council to appear between Feb to March 2014, then you have a encounter to win the scholarship by:


  • Sending your IELTS registration code via SMS to 3242
  • Answering a simple SMS quiz
  • Getting qualified to get the scholarship to your dream education


It’s that mere! So make sure you have your Ufone new SIM ready to get the scholarship you come on merit.


Ufone & British Scholarshisps  Terms & Conditions:::


  1. Ufone GSM is a registered trade mark brand name of Pak Telecom Mobile Limited.
  2. Candidate must use Ufone Network to be eligible.
  3. Candidate must be registered for IELTS through British Council to get enrolled in the campaign.
  4. Candidate must give the IELTS test through British Council.
  5. Those who register only and don’t appear in the test are not eligible.
  6. Candidate should appear in IELTS in 2014 from February – March.
  7. Candidate has to be going to a university/ institute within 2014.
  8. Scholarship amount will be given to the winner’s university directly.
  9. Amount will not be handed over to winner.
  10. Candidate will have to answer the SMS quiz and top 10 fastest and highest scorers will be eligible for the next step.
  11. There will be a further selection process after SMS quiz. A Panel will sit and the selected candidates will make a presentation on a specific topic.
  12. British Council aims to use winners audio visual (name, pictures etc.) as testimonial and takes this as consent from winner to use the same.
  13. All winners will be contacted by British Council.
  14. Each winner will get Rs. 1 Million. Total of 5 winners will be announced.



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