Friday , January 27 2023

Warid Telecom Collect Call & SMS

Warid Telecom, the leading innovator in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry, has released its latest Collect Call and SMS service for its valued customers which enables them to make calls and send SMS while the receiving party pays for the service.Warid launches Collect Call and SMS to ease low balance subscribers

Instead of the calling party paying for the call and SMS as the system usually works, Collect Call and SMS allows receiving party to pay – where by allowing the calling party to make the outgoing call or SMS free of cost.

The service is also available to Warid Roaming Subscribers which allows them to request the receiving party to pay for outgoing call when they are roaming outside Warid`s Network.

The key features of this service includes address book, sender address customization, auto reply options, blacklist, and white list, do not disturb function, Collect SMS allowance from specific numbers etc.

How to Activate?
To subscribe to Collect Call, write SUB in an SMS and send it to 6104. Users can also dial *103*<mobile number># to automatically subscribe to the service.

To send a Collect SMS, the subscribers will have to write 61 before the number they wish to send an SMS to, for example send an SMS to 613211234567 to send a Collect SMS to 0321-12345678. To unsubscribe send UNSUB in an SMS to 6104. There are no additional activation charges.

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