Friday , January 27 2023

Wi tribe Basic & Unlimited Internet Packages Speed Volume and Price

With a great competition among other internet provider Witribe have ever sure to provide basic internet packages with best deal. Cheap internet packages with high speed all you need and wish. With low price you get best speed.

In basis internet package you can avail 1MB internet speed of 12 GB data in only Rs. 1099. And for unlimited internet plan you can get 3 best options for downloading. Wi-tribe offer 512 kb, 1 mbps and 2 mbps Wi tribe unlimited internet packages for 1099, 1399 and 1999 rupees respectively.

Wi tribe now offer Wi tribe USB price and pocket modem in Rs. 700, Wifi Modem in only Rs.1000 and witribe desktop modem and wifi Router in Rs. 1000.

Witribe also offer student and family internet packages. See you best packages in the below table.

Wi tribe Basic and Unlimited Internet Packages Speed Volume and Price

wi tribe usb device internet packages 2014 and price

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