Friday , January 27 2023

Zong 4G Pakistan Official Website Gets Hacked today

The site with a perfect security may be a no1 website. If someone is mishandled shortly it may lead them to a big tragedy.

In this hopeless web security improvement, the authority site of Zong Pakistan was hacked  with label “Selfie Super Star” and damaged today by a neighborhood gathering of programmers called “Pakistan Haxors Crew”.Zong's Website Gets Hacked

On the hacked website page of Zong site, the programmers destroyed it prior today and left a message and logo by programmers on the page. It has been restored now by Zong.

The episode of Zong site hacking has demonstrated that even the main telecom administrators are not taking the security issue of their sites in a genuine way, because of which, their sites are at a significant danger of burglary and hacking.

With this hacking, programmers recognized a message that they did so just to alert Zong and others to take great consideration of their site security against hacking before whatever other nation hacking squad come and hack them.

Programmers left after message on Zong’s hacked site: “WTH Zong!!! Secure it, Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to help you to remember your security”, read a line stuck on damaged page. “Should you decide to overlook security, it will resurrect as your most exceedingly awful bad dream”, further said the back rub stuck by programmers.

“We simply damaged your site to provide for you an opportunity to put your involved it before others come and devastate it”.

A Zone-h copy link here.

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