ZONG Launched New BizXcess Postpaid Service 2013

ZONG Telecom a china telecom company operator has introduced a brand new postpaid service named BizXcess. The service provides its subscriber a simple communication and connectivity solution through which they can enjoy the best value for money and the right fit for their needs.ZONG BizXcess Postpaid Service Details

Zong BizXcess is suitable for individuals seeking convenience of postpaid and businesses looking for cost control. This service offers the largest selection in package plans with an assortment of add-ons, enterprise solutions and incredible customization options.

With services like EconoXcess and SmartXcess, telecom experts are suggesting that BizXcess appear to be a promising product. It gives the convenience of postpaid coupled with exceptionally affordable tariffs.

Each package of this service has a combination of free voice, SMS and data. Customers wanting to utilize BizXcess can subscribe to the package most appropriate for their needs. They can also customize plans with ZONG’s GPRS, SMS and group call add-ons. While left over free minutes for current month can also be transferred to the next month.

Zong BizXcess is also offering enterprise solutions which include solutions spanning from promotion/polling campaign management to end-to-end telemetry and hosted services to location based information services. Subscribers will also be able to avail priority customer care, multiple payment options, round the clock one link ATM & online banking and comprehensive monthly billing.