Zong Youth brand Circle 2013 Detail

Zong Youth brand Circle 2013 DetailZong Launches Youth Specific Offering: Circle

Pakistani mobile operator Zong has introduced a youth brand called “Circle”. The brand charges PKR 0.90 per 30 seconds for on-net and off-net calls, PKR 12 per MB for mobile internet, and PKR 0.50 per SMS (plus taxes). Customers can also buy a PKR 5 per day bundle that comes with 75 on-net minutes, 500 SMS messages, and 100 MMS messages.

An SMS bundle is offered at PKR 2.5 per day and includes 500 SMS messages while a mobile internet bundle is offered at PKR 3.99 per day for 4 MB of internet. Customers can also buy access to Circle Club for PKR 2 per day, which charges calls to other club members at PKR 0.90 per hour and off-net pre-selected numbers are priced at PKR 0.90 per minute. The membership also includes unlimited SMS messages.