30+ Cute SMS good night to send tonight

Even though SMS is no longer fashionable, there are many people who use WhatsApp to send themselves Good night messages. These messages are really popular because they allow two people to end the day in style. New 30+ Cute Good Night SMS for friends.


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Not all couples have the chance to see each other every day, let alone spend nights together. That’s why good night messages are important for keeping in touch.Here is a selection of messages to send to your darling to wish him a good night.

  • At the moment there are 3 billion people sleeping. But you’re the only person I want a good night’s sleep.
  • Use your phone in your arms because it contains the hug I send you. Goodnight My Love.
  • I hope that you will have sweet dreams and that you will have a very good night.
  • You are the reason why I cannot sleep at night. I think about you all the time.
  • I always finish my days with the best, and it is to think of you and wish you a good night.
  • When I go to bed I am always very sad not to be able to lie down by your side.
  • The stars are shining and the moon is full. Sweet dreams, my love.
  • I hope it’s not too late to say a good night.
  • Goodnight My Love. I love you every day a little more.
  • I would like so much to be able to lie down at your side and hold you in my arms.


The Good night text messages are among the most common. This is probably because everyone loves to receive this kind of message, even those who are not in a relationship.

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You can wish a good night to a friend or simply to your mom.

  • I know you’re busy, but I’d just like to wish you a good night.
  • I hope this message does not arrive too late and that you are already asleep: Good night!
  • Dreams touch your soul and your body. The magic of the night makes it wonderful.
  • The night is finally here and I will make dreams of you.
  • I’m not religious, but I think God wants to thank me for putting you in my life. Good night.
  • When I look at the moon, I see your face and your smile.
  • You sleep? Nope? Good for I want to say good night.
  • You sleep? Nope? Me neither because I think too much of you.
  • I cannot sleep so much I think of you and my heart beats at 100 per hour.

It’s too hard to fall asleep when the Most beautiful woman in the world occupies my thoughts. Goodnight My Angel.


Sometimes sexy messages can be used to flirt with a man or a woman. It’s a good way to send an SMS to show him that you think of him.  At the end of the day, everyone is more relaxed and it is easier to Chat by SMS.

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  • Quickly it’s time to go to bed. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow.
  • I woke up and realized that there was a void: you by my side in my bed.
  • I’m not a poet, but I’d like to send you lots of sweet words to say good night.
  • An SMS to wish a good night to the most perfect woman in the world.
  • What are you doing? I cannot sleep because I think too much about you.
  • I send you a sweet kiss and full of tenderness my love.
  • You’re as cute as a guy and I love you too much.
  • I cannot wait to fall asleep to be able to make many dreams of you.
  • Good night and sweet dreams. I know I’m going to do it because I’m going to dream about you and your body all night long.
  • It’s cold all alone in my bed, you come to my house?
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If you find that SMS is not necessarily the best way for him to have a good night’s sleep, you can also use Snap chat to send him a photo of but be careful not to send a photo a little too daring that you could regret the morning.


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