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What is Prize Bond?

All Prize bond result 2023 – The Prize bond is the scheme announced by the central directorate of national savings of Pakistan, which comes under the supervision of the Finance Ministry of Pakistan and is entitled to National Savings Bonds. The Prize bond is the product of the National savings of Pakistan.

The idea of issuing prize bonds was introduced in the year 1960, to get money from the public and offer them special certificate papers (Prize bonds) in return, which can be held as your savings. And the main reason for these savings or to get thousand of prizes each month, which can change a citizen living in a day. This page is for prize bond draws result to view in Pakistan. Prize Bond Draw Result Check

Prize Bonds Denomination List

Prize bond1st Prize AmountNo. of Prizes2nd Prize AmountNo. of Prizes3rd Prize AmountNumber Prizes
Rs. 100700,0001200,000310001199
Rs. 200750,0001250,000512502394
Rs. 75015,00,0001500,000393001696
Rs. 15003,000,00011,000,000318,5001696
Rs. 750015,000,00015,000,000393,0001696
Rs. 1500030,000,000110,000,0003185,0001696
Rs. 25,00050,000,000115,000,0003312,0001696
40,000 Premium80,000,000130,000,0003500,0001696


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Rs. 100 Prize bondRs. 7500 Prize bond
Rs. 200 Prize bondRs.15000 Prize bond
Rs. 750 Prize bondRs.25000 Prize bond
Rs.1500 Prize bondRs. 40000 Premium


Prize bond Draw:

Search Prize bond Draw result online: Most people compare is with Gold and other security that is being used in investment. People have many concepts to become rich in a night, but it’s not an easy idea for each one. But it can be true. Yes, we are here to discuss prize bonds, and surely these certificate papers can make you really rich in days. A man’s idea can be true and he can become rich from the winning lucky draw of the Prize bond.

The ideas of business are advised everywhere on the internet. But they may have risk, low income, or depreciation that can finally lead to ceasing your business. This legal certificate is for every Pakistani citizen, and everyone has the right to participate in winning the game by buying some bond of the worth you can afford or with the money you have saved for the future.

No one can be rich in this world while sleeping overnight, and cannot fill his bank account with so easy tricks. Fortune matters in this regard. So we recommend believing in Allah first. If you have some special skills, and you have invested in that field, then your success chances are high. So be patient before any kind of enterprise. If you want to dive into a prize bond scheme, then it will give you more ideas, on how to save money and how to get the prizes from your savings.  These prize bonds are safe and legal to use, and you can win millions of prizes without any effort, which can make you rich in a day.

If you think you will lose money only, it’s not true, the prize bond can give you a huge amount of money and you can win your dreams. But it’s your luck, and a long-time investment is required for this success. Because if we buy prize bonds, then it should save for participation in the next prize bond draws. Because the amount of investment and number of the draw are multiplied by your winning success according to the calculation.

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The Prize bond is designed in such a manner that each one can buy a few papers. Each prize bond serial starts from 000001 and ends at 999999, so about 10 lac prize bond is issued for one denomination and results are from these denominations. The prize bond denominations consist of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs.1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs.25,000, and Premium Prize bond 40,000. The prize bond list 2023 for each bond is issued 04 times in a year. So after every 03 months, a unique prize bond draw is held in any city that may be referred from the prize bond schedule 2023. The schedule is issued in December each year that contains the denomination with days, dates, and the cities where the draw will be held on that date.

Mobiledady shares all prize bond result 2023 in a timely with accurate results on this page and relevant draw page. You can search Prize bond results for winning lucky 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners by The winning prize amount for each denomination varies according to the prize worth of the bond. High the bond price, so high is the winning amount. We not only update all prize bond results of the latest draw, but you can view all other denominations with complete detail with ideas that what was the latest winner and which is the latest draw result in Pakistan.

So don’t wait for more. If you have saved in cash, then convert it to a prize bond, which can lead to winning a million prize amount for you. Your luck may be waiting for you. Buy a prize bond and dua to Allah for winning your required prize. This is the easiest way to become rich.  You can get all prize bond draw results on this page by mobiledady. The Prize bond list 2023 is updated on each draw on its respective pages.

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