Zong 14 Days Free Facebook Code 2024 100% Working

Zong has announced Zong free Facebook code 2024 for Facebook. It is similar to the other networks on mobile. Utilize Facebook Zong 4G at no cost for 14 days, using the simplest and most reliable technique.

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Zong 4G is starting a new social media partnership with the Facebook billionaire. It means that Facebook can be utilized for free for those who have a Zong SIM. In this case, Zong has established specific requirements for the free Facebook MBs.

It is no secret that the Zong 4G, as well as the Facebook launch, aren’t new to you all. Zong network aims to provide the most efficient ways of using for free Internet as well as social networks. This time, they’ve added to their amazing trick something unique. For 14 days Zong provides 4G customers with unlimited Facebook MBs.

Zong Free Facebook Code 2024

Utilize a Zong 4G Sim card set up your own Facebook account and access Facebook for free. Facebook to 14 days. Yes! Create your Facebook account using Zong SIM at no cost and get unlimited Facebook hours for 14 consecutive days.

Offer NameZong Free Facebook
Validity14 Days
Activation CodeSign Up for Facebook

The Prepaid SIM users can sign up for an account on Facebook with Zong SIM and receive unlimited MBs for two weeks. In addition, Free Facebook is available 24/7 all day, every day up to 14 days.

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Sign-Up to Facebook For Free MBs

A complete description of how you can get free FB 2 weeks of MBs is available below. What you have to do:

  • Then, you must turn on the mobile’s data.
  • Then step is to add the Zong 4G SIM card into slot 1.
  • Then, open the Facebook application.
  • Create a new account on Facebook.
  • After you sign up You will be able to get free MBs to use on Facebook.
  • These are unlimited and free Facebook MBs are valid for 14 days.
  • This is the most effective way to receive free Facebook 2 weeks of MBs on Zong.


Get 1400 MBs of Facebook for Free

Another way to utilize the app would be to earn 1400 MB of free Internet MBs. Simply sign up for the Zong SIM number with the My Zong App. After you’ve been registered, you’ll receive 1400MB of data. Follow these steps to obtain 1400MB of data for free.

  • Download and install Your Zong app on your smartphone
  • Register with your Zong SIM Number.
  • Today, you will receive 1400MB of data on Facebook.
  • Make use of Facebook for seven days using these MBs

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Facebook Free Mode

Another option is to make use of Zong 4G’s “Free Mode,” free of cost. For instance, when you download the Facebook application, a menu item “Free Mode” is displayed in the front of the app’s top bar. The button appears when there’s insufficient balance for Zong subscribers to be able to access Facebook. Zong users to be able to use Facebook.

Click”Free Mode”. Click on the “Free Mode” button to begin working on your Facebook free of charge. The Facebook application’s features are limited by Zong. It is still possible to publish your content on Facebook. Still. Its Free Mode option lets you see 50 percent of Facebook content. For Zong users, it is an ideal “Free Facebook” method.

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Free Messenger

The Facebook platform has always been cost-free to send or receive text messages. However, it’s over. Users of Facebook Messenger can connect with their friends at no cost. With no amount of balance, Facebook Messenger will work. You can connect your mobile to Zong and then use “Free FB Messenger” with zero balance.

They are 100% working techniques that make Facebook free for the primary 3G/4G SIM user. Keep an eye on the fact that networks may alter their policy, or that MBs could increase or decrease the amount stated. These methods are however 100% effective and network representatives confirm.

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