Jumma Mubarak Pics – Friday Best Wallpapers

Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers

Jumma tul Mubarak is a day in the week that gives us chance to get more blessing than all other days. All other six days have also importance but Jumma tul Mubarak is more superior day than all. According to Hadith Shareef, Importance and glory of Juma-tul-Mubarak is so much …

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Eid ul Azha Mubrak HD Funny Wallpapers | Bakra Eid Collection


After getting from bed when we see that eid is coming very soon we try to send some special greetings to our friends. This can be funny, quotes, Islamic, or with some messages. Eid ul Azha mostly known as Bakra eid or Qurbani wali Eid in Pakistan is celebrated on …

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Masha Allah Beautiful Wallpapers Photos Images

Masha Allah Computerised Photos Design

When we see something beautiful we say Masha Allah. Masha Allah is litterlally meaning in Urdu is ‘ Allah ne Khub Chaha”. Mā shā  Allāh is a famous and common using  Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just observed. Everything …

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Beautiful Jumma Mubarak 2022- Friday Wallpapers Pictures

Beautiful Happy Jumma Mubarak – Friday Wallpapers Pictures Jumma Or Friday is one of the most important events/days of the week for the Muslims,this day important due to Jumma prayer, Islamic Jumma prayer images, before praying the Jumma namaz eerey one take a bath and wear new clothes ,Ahadeet about …

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Pakistan Defence Day (6th September) HD wallpapers

Pakistan Defense Day 6th September HD Wallpapers

 Youm-e-Difa 6 September 1965 Pakistan Defence Day: : Pakistan Defence Day  also know as Yaum-i Difā Pakistan is observed in Pakistan as a national day dated 6 September each year in remembrance of how Pakistan safeguarded itself in opposition to the dominant Indian army in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 …

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Pakistani Flag Pictures Photos Images HD wallpapers

Pakistani Flag Images Photos Pics

Our Pakistani Nation loves the country so each year on 14th August all the young, old and cute Children celebrate the day with Pakistani flag on the head, face, shirts, in hands are all the sites where they can represent their love for the Nation. And this should be because …

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Beautiful Bakra Eid – Eid ul Azha SMS Funny Messages

Eid ul Azha SMS

Eid ul Azha Sms, Messages Funny SMS Joke SMS What is Eid ul Adha? Eid ul Azha 2022 is a world level Muslim special event for the remembrance of the sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S).This day is celebrated with the great zeal of respect.eid ul azha sms in urdu.eid ul azha sms …

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