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Masha Allah Computerised Photos DesignWhen we see something beautiful we say Masha Allah. Masha Allah is litterlally meaning in Urdu is ‘ Allah ne Khub Chaha”. Mā shā  Allāh is a famous and common using  Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just observed. Everything in this world is beautiful and when we say “Masha Allah” God bless a large reward regarding this short word.

Meaning of Word mashaallah: Jaisa Allah ne chaha or Jaisa Allah chahe

That’s is the reason, so we should always say Masha Allah when we see some beautiful nature thing or Human. Here we are sharing Masha Allah Wallpapers, Calligraphy, and Font Design in Masha-allah Arbic & Urdu.  Share them on Facebook or Whatsapp. New Masha Allah pictures are looking nice as its meaning. Now see here Masha Allah Islamic Beautiful Wallpapers HD Photos Images…

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