Saturday , October 1 2022

Live Hajj 2022 Streaming Makkah TV Coverage

Watch Makkah Live TV Hajj 2015 From Makkah here

Hajj the holiest event for Muslims to fill out the one most important Rukan of Islam. Only the lucky Muslims get a chance to see Mecca and Medina (Madinah)and Perform this Holy event.  

This day is the best time to release our sins and get forgiveness from Allah (God). Every Muslim should pray to get this chance next year if we are not in Mecca this time.

Here we are sharing Live the is offered by MakkahLive.Net but other social media and video embedding websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, and Ustream use their rights to play live streaming from the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information department. You can watch youtube live and hajj videos here. The Ustream live hajj 2022 from Makkah is the copyright of Mecca TV.

Watch Live Makkah Live TV Hajj 2022 From Makkah Online

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