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Today Telenor Answer Quiz

This page will inform you about Telenor Today Answers. It is possible to gain free internet by using the recently released Telenor application answer. They ask questions that you must submit. If you happen to stumble across it and then look it up, you’re at the right spot.

What’s Telenor Answering today?

Have you ever thought that the free internet is available through a single application to answer your question? It’s all it takes is anyone like you who’s interested! If this sounds intriguing to you, keep studying below to find out how do I start winning these amazing prizes from Telenor Today’s app-answers competitions.

What is My Telenor App?

The Telenor application has become extremely well-known among the public. It offers free internet as well as low-cost packages that are easy to install with no hassle The access is restricted and available to Telenor users, so make sure you use the app.

How do I get Telenor Free Internet MMBs?

To complete to the “My Telenor App” Quiz questions It is easy to download Telenor Free Internet MBs.

What is the number of Telenor Free MBs you can take through your My Telenor App quiz?

You can avail up to 50 or 100 MB of data for free by taking this My Telenor App Test Your Skills test if you can take all of the questions. But, your data will be deleted after a day and you’ll need to finish the Telenor quiz later on the following day.

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Win Internet by testing your knowledge of today’s questions

What are you waiting around for? I’m sure you’ll be able to win online is just as simple as downloading Telenor. Telenor App. If you’ve installed it and are searching for a solution you can go to the following link, and if you’re still not installing it yet, first install it and then click on test Your ability.

  • Open Telenor Application (My App).
  • Answer the Question.
  • Submit your Answer.
  • That’s it! You could win the Internet for free by taking part in questions in the Telenor application.
  • You can also get free 50/100MBS Internet.

Can I Get Free Internet With Telenor?

You can get free internet through Telenor’s app. Telenor application by answering open-ended questions.

Can I Win Free Internet Through My Telenor App?

Yes, a person can earn internet for free by answering the questions on the Telenor application.

Telenor Quiz Today Answers 06 March 2024

Question 1: Who was the first lady to cross the Atlantic solo, in an airplane?

  • Rosiland
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Jennifer Aniston

Answer: Amelia Earhart

Question 2: What is the name of the second female prime minister of the United Kingdom?

  • Elizabeth Vallance
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Liz Tuss
  • Theresa May

Answer: Theresa May

Question 3: How many Grand Slams has Serena Williams won?

  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 23

Answer: 23

Question 4: Who was the first woman elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  • Ann Wilson
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Grace Slick
  • Tina Turner

Answer: Aretha Franklin

Question 5: Which 9th century English woman campaigned for prison reform?

  • Elizabeth Fry
  • Gloria Stan
  • Mary Church
  • Malala Tousafzai
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Answer: Elizabeth Fry

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