Rs.100 Prize bond 17 August 2020 Result Draw #31 Full List Quetta

The central Directorate National savings of Pakistan Rs. 100 prize bond draw balloting result on 17 August 2020 held at Quetta city today check online. The upcoming draw No.31 of One Hundred Prize bond is a recent Serial number to date.

Rs.100 Prize bond is the lowest worth prize bond in Pakistan. This bond is issued for the students and other low-income people that can save from pocket money or with little investment. The people get handsome winning amounts in the first and second winning prize categories. You can search the Rs.100 Prize bond 17 August 2020 Result Draw #31 List Quetta city online below.

Rs 100 Prize Bond List Online


Rs.100 Draw winning Amounts:

  • First Prize: Rs.700,000/-  (One Prize)
  • Second Prize: Rs.200,000/- ( 03 Prize)
  • Third Prizes: Rs.1000/-  (1199 Prizes)

Recent Prize bond 100 Draw result:

This latest draw complete result will be updated here. The draw time is 9:00 am when first and 2nd winners will be announced. But complete Rs. 100 Draw list 2020 will be updated at 5:00 pm on this page.


2020 Draws:

32Rs.10016-11-2020Faisalabad ———— —— ——OnlineDownload
31Rs.10017-08-2020Quetta203249663116 941637 342734OnlineDownload
30Rs.10015-05-2020Lahore694364610514 666812 879657OnlineDownload
29Rs.10017-02-2020Peshawar487564187448 688441 818952OnlineDownload

2019 Draws:

28Rs.10015-11-2019Karachi878602273899 873447 879843OnlineDownload
27Rs.10016-08-2019Hyderabad335729007809 024977 089723OnlineDownload
26Rs.10015-05-2019Quetta074326126355 559490 806738OnlineDownload
25Rs.10015-02-2019Faisalabad144844015443 236547 466843OnlineDownload


2018 Draws:

24Rs.10015-11-2018Multan449000021410 390120 517366OnlineDownload
23Rs.10015-08-2018Muzaffarabad281265688323 793404 944454OnlineDownload
22Rs.10015-05-2018Karachi227672699360 742472 947283OnlineDownload
21Rs.10015-02-2018Multan786640147056 374427 780469OnlineDownload


2017 Draws:

20Rs.10015-11-2017Hyderabad844250227550 261619 473154OnlineDownload
19Rs.10015-08-2017Karachi588349302075 342248 606809OnlineDownload
18Rs.10015-05-2017Quetta409526268510 512155 992691OnlineDownload
17Rs.10015-02-2017Muzaffarabad669572212507 773831 869983OnlineDownload


2016 Draws:

16Rs.10015-11-2016Rawalpindi089577254642 613887 900698OnlineDownload
15Rs.10015-08-2016Lahore921698122017 405903 474833OnlineDownload
14Rs.10016-05-2016Peshawar920143482847 877764 919143OnlineDownload
13Rs.10015-02-2016Faisalabad866825373204 732343 967456OnlineDownload


2015 Draws:

12Rs.10016-11-2015Karachi571448031186 242006 538816OnlineDownload
11Rs.10017-08-2015Multan401787203924 212810 837694OnlineDownload
10Rs.10015-05-2015Faisalabad419660299416 355773 470399OnlineDownload
09Rs.10016-02-2015Peshawar446906036427 704732 714507OnlineDownload


2014 Draws:

08Rs.10017-11-2014Quetta330770182029 505403 807887OnlineDownload
07Rs.10015-08-2014Multan864256068370 273289 701758OnlineDownload
06Rs.10015-05-2014Lahore037942436449 475957 696570OnlineDownload
05Rs.10017-02-2014Muzaffarabad287615007634 070333 456622OnlineDownload


2012 Draws:

04Rs.10018-11-2013Lahore361467195749 249516 568326OnlineDownload
03Rs.10015-08-2013Faisalabad411747150360 322931 645502OnlineDownload
02Rs.10015-05-2013Rawalpindi651488048066 630362 733236OnlineDownload
01Rs.10015-02-2013Karachi316342523676 841768 995837OnlineDownload

Rs. 100 Prize Bond Draw Result:

You may know that the Prize bond is a good way to get profit by just buying simple money papers and to enter in the winning game, announced by Government. This project was started after 13 years of Pakistan independence by the State Bank of Pakistan. The project was titled “National Prize Bonds”. All the rules are regulations were designed by the auxiliary of State Bank of Pakistan who also own all the commercial banks and other branched come under their title.

 The above-mentioned banks and centers are authorized only to sell the Prize bond. And the collected assets are owned by the Central Directorate of National savings of Pakistan. The main purpose of starting this prize bond scheme was to facilitate all kinds of people in investing at the local level and to use the money for the country benefits. The main reason for buying a prize bond is the cash awards that can be won on each draw.

 These days this department has 8 different values prize bond that is starting from this lowest price prize bond worth only Rs.100. And the final is forty thousand prize bonds. The prize bond winning schemes is about the same for all bonds except, 100, 200 and 40 thousand premium bonds. Mainly 03 types of prizes are announced for each draw. The first second and third winner is nominated with different numbers in each draw. The draw is normally executed with Hand Operated Drawing Machines that pick random numbers for each round.

From a few years, mobiledady routinely share the latest updates of all prize bonds. If you have bought some 100 papers, and want to search your number for the winning category, then we share the latest 100 prize bond draw schedule on this page before the official draw. You will find the authentic 100 prize bond draw list for the current year on this page.  You can see above the all past Prize bond 100 draw that can still be cashed if you have won. And you can compare this list of 100 Prize Bond result 2020 with only first and second winner’s lucky number. And this will help you to buy the prize bond in a future draw.

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